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Exelon Says Two Of Its Nukes Fail To Clear PJM Capacity Auction

May 24,2017

Exelon Corporation today announced that its Three Mile Island (TMI) and Quad Cities nuclear plants did not clear in the 2020-21 PJM capacity auction

TMI did not clear in the past three PJM base residual auctions.

Exelon said in a news release, "TMI remains economically challenged as a result of continued low wholesale power prices and the lack of federal or Pennsylvania energy policies that value zero-emissions nuclear energy. Exelon has been working with stakeholders on options for the continued operation of TMI, which has not been profitable in five years."

Exelon noted that to date Quad Cities has not been selected to receive ZECs under the Illinois ZEC statute.

"Exelon remains fully committed to keeping the Quad Cities plant open, provided that FEJA’s Zero Emissions Credit program is implemented as expected and provided that Quad Cities is selected to participate," said Joe Dominguez, Exelon’s executive vice president of Government and Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy. "However, Quad has not been selected to receive ZECs under the FEJA program to date."

Exelon’s other nuclear plants in PJM cleared in the auction for the 2020-2021 planning year. Oyster Creek did not participate in the auction, as the plant is scheduled to retire in 2019.

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