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FERC To Hold Technical Conference on Liquidity In Natural Gas Markets, Price Formation/Trading

May 11,2017

FERC has schedule for June 29 a technical conference on natural gas liquidity and various trading and price formation issues

The purpose of the technical conference is to understand the state of liquidity in the physical natural gas markets, to explore current trends in physical natural gas trading and price reporting and how the use of natural gas indices have evolved over time, to obtain industry’s views on the current level of confidence in natural gas indices and price formation, and finally, to consider whether there is a need to improve natural gas market liquidity and price reporting and, if so, how.

FERC Staff plans to discuss these issues with buyers and sellers of physical natural gas, natural gas pipelines, ISO/RTOs or public utilities that use natural gas indices in their tariffs, market monitors, index developers, energy exchanges, academics and market experts. Staff recognizes that a number of factors influence market liquidity, and encourages the participation of interested parties to speak about price discovery, liquidity evaluation, and market activity measurement in the physical natural gas markets, among other things influencing the natural gas markets.

Docket Nos. AD17-12-000, PL03-3-000, AD03-7-000

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