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FirstEnergy Launches "You First" Campaign; New Site Offers "Portfolio" of Services From "Utility"

April 18,2017

FirstEnergy Corp. has introduced a new "You First" campaign to, "build on its brand as a forward-thinking and customer-focused company that provides convenient solutions for saving energy."

As part of this multimedia initiative, the company has launched a new microsite -- -- to help customers manage their energy use with specialized tools, products and services.

The site asks customers to select their FirstEnergy electric distribution company when first visiting

"The site also links customers to information about products and services available from their local utility, such as home repair services with convenient payment plans," FirstEnergy said in a news release (emphasis added)

A video on the site informs customers FirstEnergy will offer a "portfolio" of new services designed to meet customers' demands, that simplify customers' lives and make more informed energy decisions, such as:

• Smart thermostat / Connected home plan

• Lighting solutions

• Appliance and other warranty and protection programs

• A web-based analyzer for home energy management and efficiency

• Surge protection services

• Electrical installation and related services

• Plumbing repair plan

• Tree trimming service

• Moving concierge connection service (cable, internet, etc.)

Depending on the service, the directs the customer to a page on the generic site, with a rotating image of FirstEnergy utility logos prominently featured in the top left corner (though the site is arguably not the actual utility site, the nature of the design and lack of unique domain names for its EDCs makes the non-utility content on indistinguishable from the utility "sites"), a page on the unique website of FirstEnergy Home Products and Services (though using, the Home Products and Services lacks any the navigation common to the utility sites or EDC logos) , or a page of a FirstEnergy-selected vendor

The video further notes that various services can be paid for through a "simple" process which leverages the customer's electric utility bill to collect, interest fee, charges for the services.

The previously reported (story here) Connected Home Plan offered at the Ohio FirstEnergy EDCs and Potomac Edison-MD includes, for a $14.99 monthly charge on the customer's EDC bill, includes a professionally installed ecobee smart thermostat and remote sensor, plus unique energy-efficiency diagnostic reports

"Today's consumers are expecting more from the companies they work with, and that includes their energy provider," said Gretchan Sekulich, vice president, Communications and Branding. "At FirstEnergy, we're prioritizing the things that matter most to our customers by helping them save money, increase energy efficiency and improve the value of their homes."

Featuring people putting others first, "You First" advertisements highlight the ways FirstEnergy is delivering added value and convenience to customers. Digital advertisements have already begun, with radio, television and billboard advertising to follow throughout FirstEnergy's service territories in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey. The campaign will run through September 2017.

Advertisements also encourage customers to visit for information about smart technologies, energy-efficiency programs and bill-payment conveniences such as eBill and text alerts.

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