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Bill Requiring Retail Suppliers To Disclose Rate Is Higher Than SOS, Banning Auto-Renewals Advances

April 04,2017

A Maine bill (LD 803 / SP 248) concerning retail electricity consumer protections, sponsored by Senate assistant minority leader Sen. Nate Libby, has advanced from a committee to the full Senate.

The bill, among other things, would require that retail suppliers:

• Before serving a consumer, shall disclose to the consumer if the rate of generation service is higher than the standard-offer service rate;

• Shall send a renewal notice to the consumer for generation service by certified mail, return receipt requested; and

• May not renew a contract for generation service without express consent from the consumer.

The bill would also require utility consolidated bills to list the default service rate in addition to the retail supplier's rate, as well as the expiration date of the consumer's contract with the competitive electricity provider

See the Maine Sun Journal for a recap of committee testimony on the bill

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