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CPower Selected As Vendor For Utility Demand Response Program

March 28,2017

CPower announced that it has been selected by National Grid to provide demand response services to help reduce up to 45 MW of energy use during peak hours in the utility's service territory in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

CPower said that National Grid's electricity business customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can now earn up to $35,000/MW by participating in the demand reduction program launched in late January.

The National Grid program offers financial incentives to qualified participating businesses for reducing electricity consumption during times when demand for electricity is at its highest. When notified by National Grid about grid events, CPower will ask participating customers to reduce electric use for at least 20 hours over the summer, typically in one-to-four hour increments. Participating businesses are eligible to receive up to $35 for every kilowatt-hour curtailed during these reduction periods.

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