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Green Mountain Energy Launches New Solar Combination Offer, With Rebate, In Texas

February 22,2017

Green Mountain Energy has begun offering Texas residential customers a plan combining rooftop solar installation with its Renewable Rewards excess power buy-back program and a SolarSPARC rebate

Through the plan, Green Mountain pairs a homeowner with an approved local rooftop solar installer, then enrolls the homeowner in the Green Mountain Renewable Rewards buy-back program ((see prior story on excess buyback plan here) and provides the homeowner with a SolarSPARC rebate.

For using an approved installer, the customer receives the SolarSPARC rebate. According to the company's website, the actual average rebate is $3,016 and ranges from $644 to $5,200 (based on projects funded between February 2016 – December 2016).

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