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FERC: MISO Capacity Market Tariff Provisions Regarding Constraints No Longer Just and Reasonable

December 07,2016

In addressing a complaint from transmission customers, FERC found that current provisions in the Midcontinent ISO tariff associated with calculating Sub-Regional Export Constraints and Sub-Regional Import Constraints in the capacity market, "are no longer just and reasonable for prospective application in that they do not specify the methodology for the calculations."

Despite this finding, FERC found that MISO complied with its existing tariff provisions concerning constraints in conducting the 2016/17 auction and denied the relief sought by complainants with regard to the 2016/17 auction

FERC said, going forward, "because the Sub-Regional Export Constraint materially affects rates, as demonstrated by the 2015/16 and 2016/17 Auction results, we find that it is no longer just and reasonable for the Sub-Regional Export Constraint calculation methodology to be omitted from the Tariff."

"The Commission requires that matters that significantly affect rates and services, are readily susceptible of specification, and are not generally understood, must be in the tariff rather than business practice manuals. Therefore, we direct MISO to submit a filing to revise section 68A.3.a of its Tariff to include the methodology MISO intends to use to calculate Sub-Regional Import Constraints and Sub- Regional Export Constraints for future Planning Years," FERC said

Docket No. EL16-112

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