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Texas Retail Provider Introduces Energy Management Pilot Programs, Includes Gamification

November 02,2016

StarTex Power is introducing three energy management pilot programs in Texas

The pilots fall into two categories: apps and a home service program:

HomeBeat, a free app powered by Bidgely, will allow customers to see how they consume energy.

StarTex Power Energy Manager, another free app that is powered by Meter Genius, helps customers better understand and monitor their energy use, by using information provided through their smart meters.

Comfort Guard is a home service that enables a participant to receive email alerts if something is amiss in his or her home HVAC system.

HomeBeat is a StarTex Power technology pilot program that focuses on helping consumers better monitor their daily electricity usage. Participants download the free HomeBeat app that sends information about their household energy use. Information is updated daily. Participants receive usage alerts, a mid-month bill prediction about their usage, and appliance-level usage information.

StarTex Power Energy Manager is a six-month pilot that has both an online and app component. As the largest of the StarTex Power technology pilots, StarTex Power Energy Manager enables participants to see daily electricity usage from smart meters. The app also gives mid-month bill predictions and provides tips on how to reduce household energy use.

StarTex Power Energy Manager participants can also sign up for a reward program that allows them to set energy use and energy efficiency goals. If they meet those goals, they can earn certain rewards, which include Amazon e-gift cards or energy-efficient appliances.

The Comfort Guard pilot program will be offered in Texas as part of Constellation Home’s expanding home services offerings. Customers in the pilot will have 10 sensors added to their home HVAC system. These sensors monitor the HVAC system performance in a 32-point system, notifying homeowners of any irregularities or potential concerns via email.

The Comfort Guard email alerts include clear explanations about the issue, as well as recommended actions. Some of the actions might be DIY, such as changing the HVAC air filter. Others might require professional help. The Comfort Guard sensors also offer suggestions for improving energy efficiency by providing monthly ratings and maintenance recommendations.

The StarTex Power technology pilots and Comfort Guard are in varying degrees of being rolled out. Each pilot will last about six months. At that point Constellation will analyze the data and participants’ feedback to determine which programs might best help Constellation and StarTex Power customers manage energy consumption and costs.

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