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Nearly Half Of Muni Aggregation Volumes Up For Renewal Returning To ComEd Default Service

September 28,2016

Nearly half of the volumes covered by municipal electric aggregations up for renewal in the Commonwealth Edison territory thus far in 2016 have opted to return to ComEd default service, ComEd reported in a load forecast to the Illinois Power Agency.

"[B]ased on usage (kWh) approximately 44% of the Muni Agg communities [up for renewal] have opted for ComEd supply in the first several months of 2016," ComEd reported

ComEd noted that this represents an increase versus 2015, where 30% of muni aggregation volumes up for renewal elected default service. ComEd stressed that this 30% figure from 2015 excludes the City of Chicago's muni aggregation volumes which returned to ComEd supply

In ComEd's load forecast, for those muni aggregation communities up for renewal which have not yet made a decision in 2016, ComEd assumes that 35% (based on usage) will opt for ComEd default service

ComEd used this 35% assumption for 2017 as well, which would result in a 1,900 GWh movement of load from competitive supply to ComEd default service during 2017

See ComEd's discussion in its load forecast here

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