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Texas Retail Provider Awarded Contract To Serve Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

February 03,2016

Green Mountain Energy Company announced today that it will partner with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to deliver solar and smart meter solutions to the Department.

Green Mountain Energy will provide 100 percent renewable energy to all of the Texas Parks and Wildlife facilities in deregulated service areas

Green Mountain Energy further said that, "As a sustainable business partner, Texas Parks and Wildlife also qualifies to receive a financial incentive through Green Mountain’s SolarSPARC program, to fund the installation of a new solar array."

Green Mountain Energy said that, "SolarSPARC is an exclusive Green Mountain program, funded by Green Mountain on behalf of the Company’s residential SolarSPARC customers, to improve the affordability, efficacy and availability of solar energy in Texas for sustainable business partners and commercial customers."

The array will be located at the Sea Center Texas marine aquarium, fish hatchery and nature center in Lake Jackson, Texas.

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