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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart

September 18,2015

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NRG Home is offering, or intends to soon offer, energy services at "permanent" in-store storefronts located inside various Wal-Marts in the Northeast, according to various Craigslist posts said to be seeking sale representatives for the stores.

Citing competitive concerns, NRG declined to share any details concerning its in-store locations with

However, a Craigslist posting for NRG Home sales reps in the Albany region of New York states, "This is a sales position that incorporates, through teamwork, representing our brand at a permanent store inside of Walmart's [sic] in the Capital Region, where we simply inform folks about their right to decide what kind of energy they'd rather support with their electric [sic] and sign up those who are interested."

It was unclear what specific services and/or brands NRG Home will be offering, although we'd note a contact address on the Albany Craigslist post uses an email address (a domain which forwards to Green Mountain Energy's website), and the sales position emphasizes the sale of renewable products with the statement, "You will be significantly reducing carbon emissions and advancing domestic renewable energy production just by doing your job."

A separate ad for NRG Home sales reps to staff a, "permanent location inside a high traffic store," in the North Jersey area states reps will sell, "NRG Home's energy options," suggesting a breadth of products and services, including potentially electricity supply, home solar, home warranty/efficiency, security/automation, and Goal Zero products

While Green Mountain has long been marketing energy through temporary/mobile in-store presences, the "permanent" storefronts -- inside Wal-Marts, no less -- is a significant development.

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