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Texas Concierge Service Launches New Electricity Savings Calculator '

March 29,2022

The following is a news release from EnerGenie. disclaims any responsibility for the content, data, characterizations or allegations contained in the release below, and makes no averment as to its accuracy or statements

See more background on EnerGenie, which is led by several Texas retail market vets and recently formally announced the launch of service, in the story here

News Release: March 29, 2022

EnerGenie Launches New Savings Calculator

HOUSTON, March 29, 2022 -- EnerGenie is happy to announce the launch of their new Electricity Savings Calculator designed to help Texas residents calculate how much money they can save on their monthly electricity bills. Their savings calculator allows those who are looking to reduce their electricity bills to see how much money they can potentially save by using EnerGenie.

The EnerGenie Electricity Savings Calculator analyzes hundreds of electricity rates from dozens of electricity providers combined with your electricity usage history. With just a few simple questions about your home and usage, EnerGenie creates a report on your potential annual electricity savings by having EnerGenie shop and manage your electricity account.

However, they don't expect you to simply take their word for it. Their electricity savings calculator is meant to show you how much money you could save when you sign up with EnerGenie.

"We're excited for the opportunity to share with Texans how much they can cut down on their monthly electricity bills," said Michael Beardslee, the Chief Operations Officer at EnerGenie. "Our customers are already seeing an incredible reduction in electricity costs, and we know countless more Texans could benefit from having EnerGenie on their side."

It's simple to get started. Enter your Texas zip code. Enter the dollar amount, month, and kWh usage of your last electricity bill. Lastly, you'll specify whether you live in a house or an apartment and hit the 'Calculate' button.

EnerGenie crunches the numbers to show how much they could save you annually on electricity. The EnerGenie calculator is fast and thorough, and EnerGenie's sole purpose is to reduce the cost of your electricity! If you're curious about how the EnerGenie savings calculator works and want to see the savings for yourself, you can check it out here.

About EnerGenie

EnerGenie is a technology service helping Texas residents save hundreds of dollars a year on their electricity bill. Using proprietary software to automatically monitor hundreds of energy plans, EnerGenie's world-class algorithms help consumers significantly save on electricity by eliminating hidden costs to give Texans the greatest savings. EnerGenie acts as a personal electricity shopping assistant by choosing the plan that's right for them based on their energy usage. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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