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Update: Texas PUC Docket On Customer Comments Seeking Choice In Non-ERCOT Areas Expanded To EPE '

October 28,2021

Update: Texas PUC Docket Housing Customer Comments Seeking Choice In Non-ERCOT Areas Also Expanded To El Paso Electric, In Addition To SPS, SWEPCO, Entergy

During today's open meeting, the Texas PUC expanded the recently assigned Control Number 52760, originally styled as, "Investigation into Need for Customer Choice in Areas of Texas Served by Entergy Texas, Southwestern Public Service Company, and Southwestern Electric Power Company," to also include El Paso Electric

Consistent with the previously reported discussion at an earlier open meeting, the docket is to function as a repository for customers to express their views on if such non-choice areas should be opened to customer choice

The PUC is not initiating any studies on expanding choice on its own motion, but is welcoming stakeholder comment

See prior story here for more background on the issue

In the 10 years (or more) since the most recent consideration of the transition to competition at each of the above-listed utilities, there have been significant changes in the electric grid to which each utility belongs (all three now being in RTOs with a day 2 market), and in the cost of electricity at each utility, including each's cost of retail electricity relative to costs in areas of Texas with choice presented a review of conditions for a transition to competition at Entergy Texas, and the other remaining vertically integrated areas of Texas, at the 2020 fall Energy Marketing Conference. A copy of such presentation reviewing such conditions can be found here

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