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Maryland EDCs Seek Approval For Utility-Owned Storage Pilots; Third Party In-Home Battery Storage

April 16,2020

Various Maryland electric utilities have filed for approval of storage pilot projects, under the PSC's previously adopted program

The joint Exelon utilities filed in aggregate six proposed storage pilots, three of which would be utility-owned.

Specifically, BGE (a 2.5 MW project) and Delmarva (a 1.0 MW project) each proposed one project under the Utility Owned and Utility Operated model set forth in the PSC's program

Pepco proposed a 1.0 MW storage project under the Utility Owned and Third Party Operated model

The Exelon utilities proposed in aggregate three additional projects -- two under the Third Party Owned and Third Party Operated model, and one under the Virtual Power Plant model

In terms of the non-utility-owned projects, Ameresco would develop a 1.0 MW project for BGE; Sunverge Energy, Inc. would develop a 0.5 MW project for Delmarva; and a 1.0 MW project would be developed and owned by AlphaStruxure.

With respect to the Sunverge project, which is a virtual power plant model, Sunverge will recruit residential participation in the VPP in the Elk Neck community and install BTM, grid-aware residential energy storage systems and integrate the batteries into a VPP

The six Exelon EDC projects have an aggregate requirement of 7 MW and 16 MWh of guaranteed capacity over a 10-year period

Separately, Potomac Edison proposed two battery storage projects for inclusion in the Pilot Program with an effective nameplate capacity of 1.75 MW and 0.75 MW, respectively. Consistent with statutory requirements, the company is proposing one utility-owned project (0.75 MW) and one third party-owned project (1.75 MW)

Potomac Edison's non-utility-owned project would be developed and owned by Convergent Energy and Power LP, a Delaware-incorporated Limited Partnership development company. Convergent is 100% owned by Energy Capital Partners (ECP)

See more details on the proposed storage projects here

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