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McDonald's USA Signs Virtual PPAs For Texas Wind, Solar

November 07,2019

McDonald's announced the signing of two long-term, large-scale virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs), whereby McDonald's will buy renewable energy generated by Aviator Wind West, a wind power project located in Coke County, Texas and a solar project located in Texas.

The PPA with Aviator Wind West is 220 MW and is interconnected to ERCOT. The energy generated for the virtual power purchase agreement will be equivalent to 1,300 McDonald’s restaurants' worth of electricity.

The total of the PPAs combined is 380 MW. The energy generated by these U.S. projects will be equivalent to over 2,500 restaurants-worth of electricity

Aviator Wind West was developed by Apex Clean Energy and was structured, financed, and is owned by Ares Management (NYSE: ARES) Infrastructure and Power strategy

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