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Australian Home Energy System Combines Usage Monitoring With Selection Of Best Retail Energy Plan

June 10,2019

In Australia, Embertec Pty Ltd offers the Emberpulse product suite, described as "an intelligent in-home system that monitors and advises you how to reduce your energy costs and earn more from your solar system."

Among the services included with the device is access to the Emberpulse cloud, reporting and data analytics, with Emberpulse analytics using the customer's unique energy profile to assess the best electricity plan for the customer, among over 500 plans in the market

"If you have a choice of electricity retailer, our impartial analysis ensures you are always on the best plan available. Let Emberpulse take the confusion out of comparing energy plans as we turn the tables on the energy utilities, putting you back in control," the company states

Emberpulse comes with a $500 energy saving guarantee.

"Emberpulse is guaranteed to find you at least $500 in energy savings over three years. Savings may include identifying a better energy plan, diagnosing inefficiencies in your solar system and automating your energy usage, all with the single focus to save you money. If Emberpulse doesn't find you at least $500 in savings, we'll pay you the difference between your identified savings and the $500 guarantee. This guarantee does not apply to installations in the Northern Territory or Western Australia," the company states

Additional services that are part of Emberpulse include an in-home notification system that will let customers know when it’s financially best to use or export the customer's distributed solar energy. Customers via Emberpulse may also remotely control your home’s air conditioning, lights and other devices, and are provided with various usage information

Embertec CEO Dom Gelonese, in an interview with Gadget Guy, alleged energy shopping websites in the Australian market promote plans that are best for their partner retail suppliers, not customers

Emberpulse says that it has no commercial relationships with retail energy suppliers

See more on Emberpulse here

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