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Latest Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Now Applies RPS Compliance Reduction To Retail Suppliers

May 03,2019

A substitute version of Ohio HB 6, which would provide subsidies to nuclear plants and other eligible resources, would apply a reduction in the renewable energy compliance obligation to the obligations of an, "electric services company," (a term encompassing competitive retail electric suppliers), in addition to the electric distribution utilities

As first reported in's exclusive analysis, the introduced version of HB 6 would have only reduced the baseline for the RPS obligation of the EDUs, providing the utilities with a competitive advantage.

Now, the substitute bill would reduce the baseline for the RPS for both an EDU and electric services company. The RPS baseline would be reduced for both entities by the amount of load paying the clean air subsidy established under the bill

The substitute does create a new provision allowing an EDU, subject to approval by the PUCO, and regardless of any limitations set forth in any other section of Chapter 4928 of the Revised Code, to offer a customer the opportunity to purchase renewable energy services on a nondiscriminatory basis, by offering a customer (1) the opportunity to purchase renewable energy credits for any purpose the customer elects, or (2) a nondiscriminatory schedule or reasonable arrangement involving the production and supply of renewable energy (R.C. 4928.647(A)).

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