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State Climate Action Plan Recommends Maintaining Current Nuclear Generation Levels

April 30,2019

A Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan released by Governor Tom Wolf recommends, among other things:

• Creating a diverse portfolio of clean, utility-scale electricity generation

• Increasing Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) Tier 1 targets, and further increase in-state generation and use of renewables

• Implementing policy to maintain nuclear generation at current levels

The plan does not recommend a specific policy to maintain the current nuclear generation levels, but does cite a ZEC program or AEPS carve-out as potential solutions.

The report does not recommend any specific policies to develop utility-scale renewable generation, unlike a recent Solar Future Plan released by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) which, as exclusively first reported by, had proposed use of long-term utility contracts to support solar and had recommended consideration of utility ownership of solar

See the Climate Action Plan here

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