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Florida Electric Choice Proponent Says Tax Changes Needed If Choice Adopted, Gov.'s Office Skeptical

March 08,2019

The Capitolist reported that during a Florida hearing examining impacts from a proposed Florida electric choice ballot initiative, Jon Wellinghoff, speaking in favor of electric choice, said that tax law changes would be required under electricity restructuring to maintain revenues currently collected under various taxes which would not align to a restructured market

The Capitolist noted that the recently adopted Amendment 5 requires a two-third supermajority in the legislature to raise taxes or adopt a new tax

The Capitolist reported that Julia Dietz, who was appearing on behalf of the Governor's office, pressed Wellinghoff on how the state and localities would recoup any lost revenues, and, in response to questioning, received an affirmative response from Wellinghoff that the electric choice initiative itself does not guarantee recovery of lost tax revenue

See The Capitolist for the story

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