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ERCOT: Changeover In Transmission Under Oncor, InfraREIT M&A Should Not Occur During Summer

March 06,2019

ERCOT filed testimony in a Texas PUC proceeding examining the previously reported proposed acquisition of InfraREIT by Oncor, and related transactions, in which ERCOT said that any change in ownership and operation of transmission assets due to the transactions, in terms of being updated in ERCOT's production Network Operations Model, should not occur during this summer

ERCOT said in testimony that it would prefer to implement the changeover of ownership and/or operatorship of the transmission equipment on June 5, 2019.

To the extent such date cannot be met, ERCOT said that the change should not occur until September 18, 2019

"ERCOT expects that the ERCOT System could experience record high Load in the coming summer. This presents challenges for the operators in the ERCOT control room. For example, in order to help deal with the expected challenges of this summer, ERCOT has already issued a notice to Transmission Service Providers (TSPs) restricting the types of outages that will be permitted to be taken during ERCOT' s 'summer restriction window' of May 15, 2019 to September 15, 2019. The operational burdens associated with ERCOT s implementation of the planned changeover of Oncor's and Sharyland's transmission assets, as I describe later in my testimony, could place additional pressures on the ERCOT System and ERCOT operators during this critical time," a witness for ERCOT said

"To the extent the Commission may wish to allow for the possibility of the changeover occurring during Summer 2019, however, it would be important for ERCOT to be able to retain the discretion to decline to implement the transition during that time, if ERCOT believed that doing so would put the reliability of the ERCOT System at risk," ERCOT said

See ERCOT's testimony here

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