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ComEd Installs Off-Grid Renewable Lighting At Retail Customer Site

February 12,2019

ComEd recently installed at Beethoven Elementary School in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood -grid lights powered by renewable energy

Powering the lights are 30-foot-tall Remote Power Units (RPUs), miniature power plants that are not connected to the electric grid but draw energy from a wind turbine, solar panels and battery storage.

The off-grid lights are the latest pilot projects in ComEd's Community of the Future initiative, which is focused on using smart grid technology to become more connected, green and resilient

Other Community of the Future technology pilots include a microgrid that will enhance the security and resiliency of the electric system; an electric vehicle transportation service for seniors; a community energy storage pilot; interactive kiosks that provide real-time information, emergency alerts, wayfinding and free Wi-Fi; and sensor-based technologies that are being piloted with nearby Illinois Tech.

See ComEd's news release for more

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