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PUC Provides Guidance On Revenue Reporting In Directing Suppliers, Brokers To File Reports

February 07,2019

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio directed all regulated entities (including suppliers and brokers) to file a 2018 annual report for fiscal assessment through the Commission's web-based filing system known as the PUCO Community by May 31,2019.

With regard to the financial information required in the annual report, railroads, competitive retail electric service (CRES) providers, and competitive retail natural gas service (CRNGS) providers should take note of the following special instructions and definitions. CRES and CRNGS providers are advised that all certified suppliers, including brokers and aggregators who do not take title to the power or gas, must report all gross revenues derived from Ohio intrastate transactions. This includes reporting fees and commissions earned on Ohio jurisdictional transactions.

Those entities that fail to file a timely 2018 annual report may be subject to a forfeiture. R.C. 4905.54.

See PUCO's order for the directive


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