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Texas REPs Providing Support For Furloughed Federal Workers

January 18,2019

Several retail suppliers in Texas and other markets have announced various measures to assist furloughed federal workers

TXU Energy announced several programs intended to assist customers who have been adversely impacted by the extended federal government shutdown.

New programs for impacted, eligible federal workers include: waiving late fees and extending payment due dates for these customers, including working with all eligible customers by offering deferred payment arrangements upon request.

Support also remains available through TXU Energy Aid. For information on which social service agency assists in their area, customers may call 211 and ask for bill payment assistance.

"We understand that our customers may have had their steady paycheck or regular income disrupted because of the furlough," said Scott Hudson, president of TXU Energy. "In these circumstances, we believe in stepping up and doing our part to provide customers with some relief. We also want to remind customers who are experiencing financial hardship about TXU Energy Aid."

Direct Energy has also announced various assistance measures for customers experiencing financial hardship due to the shutdown

Direct is offering Deferred Payment Plans (DPP) to customers affected by the shutdown. If a customer is ineligible for a DPP, Direct also offers help through its payment assistance program and payment extensions.

Direct Energy said in a statement that, "We're here to help customers experiencing financial hardship due to the federal government shutdown. To alleviate stress during this time, we want to provide assistance to those who are struggling to pay their electricity bills. We are working with directly impacted customers to provide special payment arrangements to meet their individual needs. For more information, customers can visit our website."

Community solar provider Common Energy recently announced that it is offering some relief to government employees impacted by the federal government shutdown, "by paying their electricity bills for up to two months."

Initially, government employees in New York will be eligible (all areas except New York City and Long Island). Based on demand and company resources, Common Energy may expand the offer to other states.

"Impacted employees may register at Common Energy will validate their electricity charges with their utility and pay employee bills on their behalf for up to two months. Thereafter, government employees will receive a contracted 10% discount to their existing electricity rate from Common Energy, which they can renew for up to twenty years," Common Energy said

In promoting the assistance, Common Energy had said, "Common Energy’s core business is to provide lower cost clean electricity. Unlike retail energy providers who offer teaser rates that increases over time, Common Energy offers a fixed, contracted discount to the prevailing electricity or credit rate, thereby ensuring that its customers save money."

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