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NY PSC Energy Efficiency Order Addresses Third-Party Access To Green Button Connect (GBC) Data

December 14,2018

In an order adopting 31 TBtu of additional site energy reduction by the state's utilities, the New York PSC addressed third-party access to Green Button Connect (GBC) data

"In order for the full benefits of GBC to be realized, responsibilities for third parties accessing data through GBC as well as the utilities’ interaction with these third parties must be clearly articulated in a GBC Terms and Conditions agreement. This agreement must, among other things, include reasonable requirements for third parties to ensure the privacy and integrity of customers’ data in relation to the risk associated with any breech of customer data. Parties have had difficulty agreeing on terms and conditions, particularly with respect to data security. The utilities and Staff are directed to conduct a collaborative with DER providers and other interested parties to develop GBC terms and conditions that are consistent across utility service territories. The terms and conditions should make it no more difficult for a DER provider, for whom a customer has provided consent, to access data than it is for the individual customer to access data. GBC terms and conditions or other customer privacy agreements being used in other jurisdictions should be used as a reference in this collaborative. In the event the collaborative does not produce a mutually agreed upon agreement, Staff will propose GBC terms and conditions based on successful terms utilized in other jurisdictions," the PSC said

"The collaborative should also assess the feasibility of differentiating a 'customer agent,' an entity to whom the customer has given permission to access their data, from other third parties for simplified/streamlined data access. This may have particular relevance prior to the full implementation of GBC," the PSC said

The PSC ordered that the utilities shall conduct a collaborative, convened by Staff, with providers of distributed energy resources to develop Green Button Connect terms and conditions, as described above, and shall file a proposal on or before February 29, 2019.

Case 18-M-0084

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