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South Carolina State Senator Says He Will Introduce Bill To Require Electric Choice

November 30,2018

South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis said that he will introduce a bill to require "electric choice" in the state, The State reports

Though references have been made to Texas and Pennsylvania, Davis' proposal has been described as allowing customers to "pick their utility"

A recent report from Palmetto Promise, while also citing traditional retail electric choice and allowing suppliers to serve willing customers, also emphasizes its recommendation as, "Elimination of geographic monopoly assignments."

The report provides this example: "If there were no territorial monopoly imposed after the initial choice, the contract terms would be different. The competing suppliers would likely require a fixed term contract, say, five or ten years, which would allow them to recover the cost of the infrastructure that they installed to provide service, or possibly the commercial user itself would build and maintain that infrastructure."

See The State for the story

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