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Ohio Issues RFPs For Grid Mod. Workgroup Facilitators, Including Customer Data Access Workgroup

November 29,2018

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has issued two RFPs for consulting services and for entities to serve as facilitators in two of its PowerForward grid modernization workgroups: the Data and Modern Grid Workgroup (DWG), and the Planning Working Group (PWG)

As previously reported by, PUCO has held that the DWG should address, at a minimum, the following tasks:

• Create protocol for data privacy protections.

• Allow customers to obtain real-time, or near real-time, access to CEUD through the connection of qualified home area network (HAN) devices to the customer's smart meter.

• Prescribe a uniform methodology across the EDUs for third parties to obtain CEUD (customer energy usage data). This should include a method for CRES [competitive retail electric service] providers to obtain the THEO, PLC and NSPL values.

The PWG workgroup will address distribution grid planning and may develop recommendations to the Commission on the following: future scenarios for customer distributed energy resources adoption in Ohio, and how these scenarios should be incorporated into electric distribution utility (EDU) forecasting and planning processes; modifications to interconnection standards, including defining required functions and settings for advanced inverters; development of non-wire alternatives (NWA) suitability criteria, processes and timeline for implementing NWA opportunities; evaluation of options for procuring NWAs; defining hosting capacity analyses (HCA) use cases; identifying an appropriate HCA methodology and associated tools and data requirements to satisfy use cases; a timeline for initial HCA analysis and publication of results for each EDU; and development of portals for sharing information on peak load forecasts, capital plans, hosting capacity maps, heat maps reflecting locational value, and other key data. Further, the Commission encouraged the PWG to determine a process for identifying where it would be beneficial to deploy storage solutions.

See the RFPs here:



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