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New ComEd CEO: Market Has "Inadequate Consumer Protections"

November 26,2018

Joseph Dominguez, who recently assumed the role of CEO at Commonwealth Edison, told Chicago Defender that there are, "inadequate consumer protections," in the electric market

"There also are inadequate consumer protections," Dominguez is quoted as saying by Chicago Defender

"Most energy businesses operate properly but there are bad actors. We do think people should have a choice and we welcome retail electric competition with (legitimate) companies, but there are some bad apples in every bunch and they are going door-to-door (and over the phone) saying they are signing people up for discounted rates and some of them are lying saying they are from ComEd to get the sale. We do not ever send people out door-to-door. If anyone shows up at your door saying they are from ComEd, shut the door because that is a scam. We owe it to our customers and the good actors to clean it up. We’re trying to get legislation to deal with that," Dominguez is quoted as saying by Chicago Defender

The Chicago Defender further characterizes Dominguez as focusing on, in the Chicago Defender's words (not a direct quote from Dominguez), a,"more equitable distribution of clean energy to ensure that low-income residents are not left out."

See Chicago Defender for the full interview

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