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Entergy Texas Moving Forward With Territory-Wide Advanced Meter Deployment

November 16,2018

After receiving Texas PUC approval, Entergy Texas is moving forward with a territory-wide deployment of smart meters

We take the opportunity here to note that despite being in an RTO which has been able to accommodate retail choice in other states (e.g. MISO) Entergy Texas remains a vertically integrated utility with no customer choice, in contrast to the clear goals of SB 7. While subsequent legislation does govern any Entergy transition to competition, the goal of SB 7 has never been eliminated, and, as previously discussed, such more recent legislation hardly creates any insurmountable barrier to choice and did not introduce substantively different criteria for a transition to competition versus the otherwise applicable criteria for a qualifying power region, as more fully discussed by

A residential customer at Entergy Texas using 1,000 kWh has a bill of $109.50 (Sept. 2018), or a rate of nearly 11 cents per kWh.

Entergy Texas, Inc. provides electricity to approximately 458,000 customers

Starting next year, Entergy Texas customers will begin to see advanced meters installed at their homes and businesses with projected completion in 2021.

In its original AMI application, Entergy Texas (ETI) had stated, "ETI is seeking to modernize its electric grid to meet customer expectations regarding how they interact with their service providers and the tools available for them to manage those services. To that end, an AMS is the technical foundation and platform for the modernization of ETI’s electric grid that will enable future products and services for customers."

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