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Pepco, Delmarva Post New Bypassable Transmission Rates, Changing Total SOS Cost
Pepco and Delmarva have filed with the Maryland PSC updates to their bypassable transmission rates, which are a component of the total SOS cost See t...
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Pepco Asks If WGL Energy Systems' Operation Of Walter Reed Grid Constitutes Public Utility
Pepco has asked the District of Columbia PSC to investigate whether WGL Energy Systems, Inc.’s operation, under lease, of Walter Reed’s le...
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Utility Proposes Offering "Discounted" SOS TOU Rates For EV Customers, Green Add-On SOS Product
Pepco has filed a new transportation electrification program with the District of Columbia PSC, in which Pepco proposes, among other things, several n...
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Pepco Reports Billing Error That Led To Retail Suppliers Charging Customers For Incorrect Usage
Pepco reported to the District of Columbia PSC a billing error under which residential Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers with Third Party Suppliers,...
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Pepco Files New SOS Rates
Pepco has filed with the District of Columbia PSC new SOS electric rates for the period of June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018. See Pepco's new SOS rat...
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Pepco, Delmarva Maryland SOS Rates Change on Changes To Bypassable Transmission
SOS rates at Pepco and Delmarva in Maryland are changing due to changes in the bypassable transmission rate at each company The changes are proposed ...
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Pepco SOS Rates Change on Revisions to Bypassable Transmission
Pepco has filed with the District of Columbia PSC revised bypassable transmission rates, which comprise a portion of the SOS price, effective for usag...
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Exelon Closes On Acquisition of Pepco After D.C. PSC Approval
Exelon Corporation and Pepco Holdings Inc. announced that the two companies have completed their merger transaction, effective March 24, following D.C...
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Exelon-Pepco Say Terms Proposed By PSC Threaten To "Derail" Merger, Offer Alternatives
Opposition from settling parties to alternative terms offered by the D.C. PSC as a condition for approval of the merger of Exelon and Pepco, "threaten...
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Pepco SOS Rates Change Marginally On Change in Bypassable Transmission
Pepco's District of Columbia SOS rates applicable for the period beginning June 1, 2016 are changing slightly due to a change in the bypassable transm...
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Citing Concerns With Competition, D.C. PSC Sets Conditions For Approval of Exelon-Pepco Merger
Citing concerns over competitive impacts, the District of Columbia PSC denied a non-unanimous settlement which sought approval of Exelon's acquisition...
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Workgroup Reports on Seamless Move Feasibility
A District of Columbia workgroup has filed a report with the District of Columbia PSC regarding the feasibility of implementing seamless moves at Pepc...
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Utility Makes More Prominent Warning That Shopping Will Eliminate Low-Income Supply Discount
Pepco has made more prominent on its website a disclosure that District of Columbia customers choosing a competitive electric supplier will lose a por...
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D.C. Public Power Group "Offer[s]" To Purchase Pepco Distribution Assets
DC Public Power, which is seeking municipalization of Pepco's District of Columbia distribution system, said that it has, "offer[ed]," t...
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D.C. Final Order on Exelon-Pepco Merger Addresses Retail Market "Concern" From Deal
The final order published by the District of Columbia PSC concerning its rejection of Exelon's application to acquire Pepco addresses "concern" regard...
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