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PSEG Reports Results For Competitive Power Segment
PSEG today reported fourth quarter and full year earnings. The PSEG Power segment reported non-GAAP Operating Earnings of $57 million ($0.11 per ...
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Retail Supplier Said To Be Winding Down Operations
Updated: PSEG has confirmed the wind down to, see PSEG's statement to ECM here   Earlier: PSEG Energy S...
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PSE&G Proposes Smart Meter Installation, Files Proposal For Energy Storage, EVs, Efficiency
Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G) said in a news release that, on Wednesday, it proposed a Clean Energy Future program (CEF) with the New J...
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Former NRG VP Joins PSEG
PSEG announced the election of Karen Cleeve to Vice President, Corporate Communications. Cleeve previously served as Vice President, Communications ...
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PSEG CEO Presses NJ Regulators To Allow Utilities To Be "Sales Channel" For New Products/Services
In public remarks outlining the company's vision for the future of New Jersey's energy industry, Ralph Izzo, president, chairman and chief executive ...
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Dynegy, PSEG Power Report Results From PJM Capacity Auction
Dynegy announced that it cleared a total of 10,217 megawatts (MW) at a weighted average clearing price of $122.19 per megawatt-day equating to approx...
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President, COO of Merchant Generator To Retire
PSEG announced that Bill Levis has informed the company of his intention to retire as president and COO of PSEG Power effective in the third quarter o...
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PSE&G Seeks To Triple Utility-Owned Solar, Landfill Gas
Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) announced that it has filed a request with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) to extend ...
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NRG, PSEG Announce New Generation Clears ISO-NE Capacity Auction
NRG Energy, Inc. to announced its Canal 3 development project, a 333 MW gas turbine peaker located on Cape Cod, cleared the ISO-New England tenth forw...
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PSE&G Further Reduces Default Service Rate
Public Service Electric and Gas announced that it will reduce its basic gas supply rate to 40 cents per therm from 45 cents per therm, effective Octob...
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PSEG Power Acquires Merchant Generation Project
PSEG Power, through its wholly-owned subsidiary PSEG Fossil, has acquired the 755-MW combined-cycle Keys Energy Center project from Genesis Power, LLC...
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New Jersey Utilities Post Official New BGS Default Service Rates
New Jersey utilities have updated their websites with official new Basic Generation Service default service rates for the period beginning June 1 Alt...
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New Jersey Utilities Lowering Supply Rates
Several New Jersey natural gas distribution companies announced proposed lower supply costs. PSE&G said that it would reduce its basic gas supp...
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PSE&G Extends Residential Gas Supply Bill Credits Through April
Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) announced that it is extending gas supply bill credits through April 30 for its default service residential ga...
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PSE&G Files Draft BGS Default Service Rates for Period Starting June 1, 2015
PSE&G has filed draft tariff sheets reflecting proposed default electric service rates for basic generation service for the period beginning June 1, 2...
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