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PJM Authorized To Assess Surcharges To Fund Marginal Line Loss Refunds To Financial Marketers
In an order on remand concerning marginal loss surplus allocation, FERC has ordered that PJM must pay refunds of misallocated marginal line loss over-...
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PJM Files Cost Impact From Potential Nuclear Retirements
PJM has filed an analysis of the cost and emission impacts of potential nuclear power plant retirements in Pennsylvania and Ohio. PJM was requested...
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FERC Accepts PJM Peak Shaving Adjustment Proposal
FERC accepted proposed revisions to PJM’s Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), Amended and Restated Operating Agreement (OA), and the Reliability ...
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PJM Posts Zonal Allocation of 2019/2020 Excess Commitment Credits To LSEs
PJM in a market notice stated that Excess Commitment Credits totaling 2,063.9 MW (CP: 644.9 MW; Base Gen: 1,419.0 MW; Base DR/EE: 0 MW) will be all...
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FERC Orders PJM, NYISO To Revise Pricing For Fast-Start Resources To Reflect More Costs
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has directed PJM Interconnection (PJM) and New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) to implement t...
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FERC Adopts Order On PJM VRR Curves, Glick Says Order Unnecessarily Raises Costs
FERC has issued an order on PJM's quadrennial revision of its Variable Resource Requirement (VRR) Curve used in the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) c...
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Consumer Advocates File Complaint AT FERC Over PJM Capacity Market Offer Cap
Several Mid-Atlantic consumer advocates filed at FERC complaint seeking a determination that the current market seller offer cap (“MSOC”) that PJM Int...
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PJM and Argonne National Laboratory Collaborate to Study Guidelines for Solar Resources
PJM Interconnection has joined forces with the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory to support the integration of distributed energ...
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PJM Says Third Incremental Auction Results Are Final, Absent Action From Governmental Authority
PJM has issued a further market notice concerning the matter of a Market Participant who had informed PJM of an alleged error in the initial posting ...
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PJM Says Reserves Pricing During Cold Snap Shows Need For Price "Reforms"
In a news release concerning recent winter operations, PJM said, "Pricing in PJM’s reserve market during stressed conditions showed that valuable ener...
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PJM Issues Market Notice Concerning Alleged Error By Market Participant In Third Incremental Auction
PJM said in a March 14 market notice that, "A Market Participant has informed PJM of an alleged error in the initial posting of auction results f...
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PJM Posts 2019 RPM Load Forecast
PJM has released the 2019 RPM Load Forecast, which is an update of the January forecast related to the inclusion of approved Peak Shaving Load Adjustm...
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PJM 2018 State Of The Market Report Posted
A copy of the 2018 State of the Market Report for PJM, prepared by Monitoring Analytics, the Independent Market Monitor for PJM, has been posted on Mo...
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IMM Files Complaint At FERC Saying Capacity Market Seller Offer Cap Is Overstated
Monitoring Analytics, LLC, acting in its capacity as the Independent Market Monitor (“Market Monitor”) for PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (“PJM”), filed...
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PJM CFO Retiring
Suzanne Daugherty, PJM’s senior vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer, has decided to retire from PJM on April 1, 2019, PJM CEO Andr...
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