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PJM Files Dueling Capacity Market Changes At FERC
As PJM recently announced it would do, PJM has filed with FERC two competing and mutually exclusive changes to the capacity market meant to blunt the ...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Seeks Emergency DOE Order For Additional Compensation To Coal, Nuclear Plants
FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. (FES) called on US Energy Secretary Rick Perry to issue an emergency order directing PJM Interconnection (PJM) to immediat...
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Public Citizen Files Complaint vs. PJM Over What It Terms "Contributions" To Party Governors Assoc.
Public Citizen, Inc. filed a complaint at FERC against PJM alleging that, "Public Citizen has identified at least $456,500 in campaign contributions m...
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PJM Board Sends Both Dueling Capacity Market Changes To FERC
Rather than deciding on a final capacity market design change to address state-subsidized generation, PJM's board has voted to send to FERC two compet...
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PJM Market Monitor Issues Opinion On Energy Price Offers In Excess Of $1,000/MWh
PJM's Independent Market monitor issued a market message to inform PJM market participants that it is the opinion of the Independent Market Monitor fo...
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PJM Posts 2018 Load Forecast Report
PJM has released the 2018 PJM Load Forecast Report, which contains projections of peak load, net energy, load management, and distributed solar genera...
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FERC to Investigate Pricing of Fast-Start Resources by Three RTOs
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said that it had opened investigations into the pricing of fast-start resources in three regional powe...
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PJM To Impose $10MM In Billing Adjustments To Re-allocate Reactive Supply & Voltage Control Charges
PJM issued a market notice stating that it has determined that it, "has incorrectly allocated certain charges for Reactive Revenue Requirements under ...
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Pennsylvania Adopts State Budget With No PJM Transaction Tax
PJM informed stakeholders that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has approved a revenue package for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for its 2018 fiscal ...
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PJM Files To Allocate Uplift To Virtual Transactions
PJM filed tariff revisions at FERC to, "more equitably allocate day-ahead Operating Reserves and balancing Operating Reserves (commonly referred to as...
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Court Vacates FERC Order Expanding Methods For New Generation To Avoid Price Floor in PJM BRA
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit vacated an order from FERC which expanded the avenues for generators in PJM to bid below the price floo...
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PJM Posts "Demand Response Strategy" Whitepaper, Addresses Compensation, Retail Contracts
PJM has issued a whitepaper entitled Demand Response Strategy (click here), outlining various issues with DR compensation in PJM's markets. In discus...
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PJM Posts Updated Capacity Market Repricing Proposal, Previews Energy Market Price Formation Paper
PJM has posted an updated Capacity Market Repricing Proposal and previewed an Energy Market Price Formation Working Paper that is to be released June ...
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FirstEnergy Reports Results From PJM Capacity Auction, Calls Prices "Unsustainable" For Coal, Nukes
FirstEnergy reported its results from the recent PJM capacity auction. FirstEnergy called capacity prices from the auction, along with current ener...
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Direct Energy Business: What To Know About The New Balancing Congestion Charge In PJM
Direct Energy Business published a blog post about balancing congestion charges which are newly being assigned to load serving entities in PJM, due to...
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