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Ohio Gov. Touts Need For Nuclear
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has made remarks stating that carbon reduction goals can't be met in the near term without nuclear power, while he declined to s...
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PUCO Denies Retail Supplier Rehearing Request Concerning Utility Energy Efficiency Programs
In an entry on rehearing, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio denied all of the assignments of errors contained in a rehearing request from IGS En...
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Consumer Energy Alliance Directs New Group "Ohio Consumers Energy Alliance" To Change Its Name
On Thursday, April 4th, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), known as a group in support of energy development, sent a letter to a newly created political ...
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Draft Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Appears To Leave Retail Suppliers With Unrecoverable Costs?
A version of a draft bill being circulated in Ohio to provide nuclear subsidies in Ohio would require electric distribution companies to collect costs...
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Ohio Dismisses Complaints Concerning Utility Transition Plans From Early Restructuring Era
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio dismissed, for lack of prosecution, two complaints related to the transition to restructuring PUCO dismissed ...
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Report: Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill Expected To Be Unveiled Soon
The News-Herald reports that an Ohio House bill to provide subsidies to Ohio's nuclear power plants is expected to be unveiled soon Details on the fo...
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FirstEnergy Ohio EDCs File New Generation Supply Rates
The FirstEnergy Ohio utilities have filed new amounts for Rider GEN (Generation Service Rider) for the period beginning June 1, 2019 Rider GEN (which...
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Several Municipal Aggregations Select Retail Suppliers
In a regulatory filing, Trebel, in its role as an aggregator, reported that Delaware Township and Harlem Township in Ohio have selected FirstEnergy So...
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PUC Says Retail Suppliers, Brokers Face Civil Forfeiture For Unfiled Reports
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued an order stating that several retail suppliers and brokers have failed to pay the 2018 fall fiscal asse...
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PUC Provides Guidance On Revenue Reporting In Directing Suppliers, Brokers To File Reports
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio directed all regulated entities (including suppliers and brokers) to file a 2018 annual report for fiscal asse...
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PUCO Commissioner Will Not Seek Reappointment
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Commissioner Thomas W. Johnson announced that he will not seek reappointment. “I am blessed for the opport...
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PUC Reminds Customers Of Retail Energy Choices
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued a news release reminding customers of their retail electric and natural gas choice See the release her...
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Retail Suppliers File Testimony Opposing AEP Ohio Solar PPAs
IGS Energy and Direct Energy have filed separate testimony with PUCO opposing AEP Ohio's proposal for 400 MWs of solar PPA (see details on AEP Ohio's ...
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Ohio Utilities Report Higher Costs Of RECs, SRECs Than Retail Suppliers
Staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio filed a draft report concerning the RPS program for the year 2016 In the draft, Staff said that the ...
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Ohio Supreme Court Says PUC May Impose "Financial" Limitations On Shopping
In addressing appeals of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's order adopting an electric security plan at AEP Ohio (see story here), the Supreme ...
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