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Car Dealers, Happy Meals And Retail Energy: Day One Of New York DPS Staff Policy Panel Cross
• DPS Staff: "Hybrid", Non-Muni Aggregation Potentially Might Be Workable • DPS Staff: Needs To Be Some Price Regulation In ESC...
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RESA Letter To The Editor Published In Albany Times Union
The Albany Times Union published a letter from the Retail Energy Supply Association written in response to a recent TU editorial which called for the ...
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Albany Times Union Editorial: Hold ESCOs Accountable
The Albany Times Union published an editorial calling for the PSC to hold ESCOs accountable. While the TU said that, "ESCOs have [the] potential to b...
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Report: New York ESCO Using Half-Ring/To Voicemail Sales Tactic
The Albany Times-Union reports that an ESCO, or agent on the ESCO's behalf, is using a form of telemarketing wherein the sales call will ring for ...
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AARP: NY Retail Energy Suppliers Deceive Customers
The Albany Times-Union published a letter to the editor from Laura J. Ehrich, Associate state director, AARP for Eastern New York, which cited a recen...
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New York Power To Choose Site Redesigned
The New York PSC has debuted a new look for its Power to Choose electricity and natural gas retail price listings See the new design here (enter a ...
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New York Municipality To Explore Muni Aggregation -- Official Says "No Risk Involved"
Saratoga Springs, NY, is exploring an opt-out municipal electricity aggregation, via the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (see background here), pe...
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CNBC Profiles Retail Supplier Drift, With Its Peer-to-Peer, Algorithm-Based Business Model
CNBC has profiled New York ESCO Drift, whose business model is based on passing-through wholesale prices plus a fixed monthly charge ($1 per week), re...
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New York Utility With Choice Program To Be Acquired By Canadian-Based Holding Company
Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. ("APUC") announced today that its subsidiary Liberty Utilities Co. ("Liberty Utilities"), APUC's regulated distribut...
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New York ESCO Withdraws License
NAT GAS, LLC filed a letter dated August 14 with the New York PSC to formally withdraw its certificate as an ESCO effective immediately The company...
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NY PSC Affirms Utilities May Own Distributed Generation
The New York PSC issued a rehearing order affirming the circumstances under which the distribution utilities may own distributed energy resources As ...
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NY PSC Approves ConEd Shared Solar Program For Low-Income Customers
ConEdison said that it will begin providing renewable energy to low-income customers in 2018 following PSC approval of a pilot plan to place solar pan...
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Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging New York Nuclear ZEC Program
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Zero Emissions Credit (ZEC) program contained in New...
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Report: Incoming New York PSC Commissioner Doesn't Sign Oath, Leaves Seat Vacant
POLITICO New York reports that Philip Wilcox, who was confirmed to a seat on the New York PSC, did not sign an oath of office within the required 30 d...
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AARP Urges NYers to Reject ESCOs; End to Delay in Probe of High Prices
The following is a news release from AARP. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in the release below, and ...
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