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State Senate Passes Bill Altering Default Service Procurement
The New Hampshire Senate has passed SB 365 which would alter the state's electric default service structure to include a procurement of renewable reso...
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Judgment Upheld Ordering Retail Supplier To Pay >$500,000, In Suit Over Trade Secrets
The Supreme Court Of New Hampshire has upheld a 2016 verdict from a trial court in which Provider Power, and various affiliates and principals, were o...
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State Grid Modernization Report Discusses Dynamic Pricing For Default Service
A working group report on grid modernization in New Hampshire includes a discussion regarding dynamic pricing for electricity default service, as well...
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Sale Process for PSNH Utility Generation Units Launched
The process to sell the remaining electric generation assets and related properties held by Public Service of New Hampshire, now doing business as Eve...
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N.H. PUC Issues Consultant’s Recommendation for PSNH Auction Process, Sale Date
The New Hampshire PUC has issued a report containing the recommendations of the auction manager for the proposed process for the sale of Public Servic...
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PUC "Considering Banning" Door-to-Door Retail Energy Sales
The New Hampshire PUC is, "considering banning," door-to-door retail energy solicitations, the Laconia (NH) Daily Sun reports The Daily S...
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New Hampshire Business Review Q&A With NH Consumer Advocate Touches on Electric Market Issues
The New Hampshire Business Review published a Q&A with newly installed New Hampshire Consumer Advocate Donald Kreis While not addressing retail choic...
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PUC Staff Files Report on Utilities Contracting For Capacity To Mitigate Winter Electric Rate Spikes
Staff of the New Hampshire PUC has filed a report on utility ratepayer-funded expansion of New England pipeline capacity as a means of reducing wholes...
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N.H. Towns, Schools Forming Co-op To Purchase Electric Supply
The New Hampshire Union Leader reports on the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission's effort to create an aggregation pool for local schools and...
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N.H. Gov. Signs Law Facilitating PSNH Divestiture of Power Plants
New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed legislation facilitating the divestiture of power plants owned by utility Public Service of New Hampshire,...
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Report: Retail Supplier Tests Ability To Use 1978 Law To Directly Service Customers
The New Hampshire Union Leader has published a review of Freedom Energy Logistics' ongoing attempts to provide service under a 1978 law which purporte...
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Governors Pushing State-Backed Procurements, Interventions to Combat Broken Wholesale Market
The six New England Governors released a six-state action plan to address the region's energy future, particularly in light of volatile wholesale ...
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N.H. Approves New Default Service Rates
The New Hampshire PUC approved new default service rates for Liberty Utilities (Granite State Electric) for the six-month period beginning May 1, 2015...
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Unitil Accused Of "Deceiving" Customers Over Back Charges When Switching to Retail Supplier
The New Hampshire Union Leader has published a story on customer complaints regarding Unitil's new application of the default service rate re-calculat...
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Electric Consumer Bill of Rights Legislation Dies, Other Protections Advance
Dave Solomon in the New Hampshire Union Leader reports that New Hampshire HB 345, which would have created an electricity consumer bill of rights, has...
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