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NV Energy's Share Of Retail Electric Market Shrinks As Large C&Is Take Competitive Supply
The Nevada Independent reports on NV Energy's decreasing market share of retail electric sales in the state as a result of various large customers tak...
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RESA Asks Nevada Lawmakers To "Investigate" The "Exorbitant" Funds Spent By Opponents Of Question 3
The following is a news release from the Retail Energy Supply Association. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data cont...
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Blockchains, LLC, NV Energy Agree To Work On Blockchain-Powered Collaborative Energy Projects
The CEOs of Blockchains, LLC and NV Energy have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines their agreement to work together on energy p...
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Nevada Resort Association Backs Energy Choice Initiative
The Nevada Resort Association, the state's largest casino industry trade group, has announced support for the Energy Choice Initiative, ballot questio...
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Poll: 46% Oppose Nevada Energy Choice Initiative
A poll which asked Nevada likely voters about Question 3, the Energy Choice Initiative, said that 46% of likely voters oppose the Energy Choice Init...
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"Clean" Energy Groups Oppose Nevada Electric Choice
Four "clean" energy groups -- Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and Western Resource Advocates ...
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Nevada Think Tank: Electric Choice Accompanied By "Variability In Rate Behavior"
The Guinn Center, which describes itself as, "a nonprofit, bipartisan policy institute that delivers independent, fact-based, and well-reasoned analys...
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Report: Nevada Governor "Wavers" On Support For Energy Choice
In a report on a recent announcement by utility NV Energy concerning proposed renewable energy facilities, The Nevada Independent describes Nevada Gov...
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Latin Chamber Opposes Nevada Energy Choice Initiative
The Nevada Latin Chamber of Commerce is opposing the Nevada Energy Choice ballot initiative, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports (see story here)...
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Energy Choice Supporters Present Study Showing Choice Would Lower Nevada Electric Bills
During a meeting yesterday of the Nevada Governor's Committee on Energy Choice, supporters of the energy choice initiative presented a study showing ...
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Nevada PUC Adopts Final Report Saying Electric Choice Will Likely Lead To Increase In Monthly Bills
The Nevada PUC adopted a final report on the electric choice ballot initiative, which finds that, "The Energy Choice Initiative is reasonably likely t...
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Top Two Nevada Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Oppose Electric Choice
The Nevada Independent Reports that Clark County commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani, which the Independent describes as the top two D...
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Report: Audio Shows Labor Unions Taking Bigger Roles In Fight Over Energy Choice Ballot Question
The Nevada Independent reports that labor unions are ratcheting up opposition to Nevada's ballot question to introduce retail electric choice to the s...
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Where Nevada Gubernatorial Candidates Stand On Electric Choice
The Nevada Independent reviewed where each of Nevada's candidates for governor stand on the electric choice ballot initiative (Question 3) See the Ne...
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Switch CEO Discusses Vision For Company's New Retail Electric Supplier
In an interview with The Nevada Independent concerning Nevada's electric choice ballot initiative, Switch CEO Rob Roy discussed Switch's recently crea...
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