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DTE Says Lower Natural Gas Costs Will Reduce Bills This Winter
DTE Energy said in a news release that customers will see lower bills this winter from lower gas costs and reductions from federal tax changes DTE En...
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Michigan Approves New Base GCR At Consumers Energy
The Michigan PSC in Case No. U-18411 issued an order authorizing Consumers Energy Company to implement a base gas cost recovery factor of $2.9429 pe...
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Michigan PSC Stays, Does Not Withdraw, Local Capacity Requirements For Retail Suppliers
The Michigan PSC has granted a stay, sought by Energy Michigan, of the imposition of local capacity requirements on alternative electric suppliers, bu...
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PSC In Choice State Allows Utilities To Offer Value-Added Services
The Michigan PSC approved an updated version of Code of Conduct rules for all utilities and alternative electric suppliers The PSC said in a news rel...
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Voltus Marketing Demand Response To Customers On Competitive Supply In Michigan
Voltus, Inc. said today that, "it is the first aggregator of retail customers to bring Michigan-based customers into the Midcontinent Independent Sys...
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Consumers Energy Filing IRP
Consumers Energy this week is filing an integrated resource plan in Michigan detailing its generation investments to serve load See Consumers Energy'...
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Mich. Affordable Energy Caucus Endorses Electric Choice For Schools
Michigan State Rep. John Reilly’s proposal to help schools across Michigan save money on their electricity bills has won the support of the state Hous...
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Michigan PSC OKs Two New Utility-Owned Power Plants, Utility Special Contract With Mining Customer
The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved a certificate of necessity submitted by Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corp. (UMERC) to build ...
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Michigan PSC Approves Lower Securitization For Consumers Energy Buy-out of Palisades PPA
The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) approved just over $142 million for a securitization plan Consumers Energy Co. has proposed for buying o...
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Consumers Energy Rolls Out Green Energy Program for Large C&Is
Consumers Energy officially announced the launch of its Voluntary Large Customer Renewable Energy Pilot Program (VLC), which will offer large busines...
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MI Energy Chair Says PSC Pursuit Of Locational Capacity Requirements Contravenes Law
Michigan House Energy Policy Chairman Rep. Gary Glenn, issued a statement attacking the Michigan PSC's work addressing the state's new energy ...
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Consumers Energy Proposes Program To Offer Large Businesses 100% Renewable Energy
Consumers Energy announced that it is proposing to the PSC a program to offer large businesses 100 percent renewable energy. Consumers Energy said t...
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Michigan PSC Sets Process To Consider Distributed Generation Rules (Retail Suppliers Included)
The Michigan PSC, in Case No. U-18383, set a June 1 deadline for comments on establishing a distributed generation "program "as well as guidelines for...
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PSC Discloses Each Retail Supplier’s Load, Customer Count In Annual Competition Report
The Michigan PSC has published its annual electric competition report for 2016, which discloses the customer count and load served for each retail sup...
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MI Study Finds Reliability Standards Will Be Met If Lower Peninsula’s Planned Projects Completed
Current utility projects under way now should result in Michigan's electric reliability remaining strong in the summer of 2018, according to a new mod...
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