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Spike In Electric Bills Under Investigation (One Customer Reports 66% Jump In Retail Supplier Rate)
A recent spike in electricity bills is being investigated by Maine regulators, the Portland (ME) Press Herald reports While a variety of factors have...
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Retail Supplier’s Insurance Provider Balks At Paying Defense Costs For Customer Class Action Suit
The Bangor Daily News reports that the insurer for Electricity Maine is opposing claims under which it would fund legal costs related to Electricity M...
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PUC Warns 100 Suppliers, Brokers Of Possible Sanctions, Revocation Over Late Annual Reports
The Main PUC issued letters to some 100 retail suppliers or brokers over each's alleged failure to file an annual report, with the PUC warning tha...
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Bill Requiring Retail Suppliers To Disclose Rate Is Higher Than SOS, Banning Auto-Renewals Advances
A Maine bill (LD 803 / SP 248) concerning retail electricity consumer protections, sponsored by Senate assistant minority leader Sen. Nate Libby, has ...
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Lawyers To Seek $35 Million In Suit Seeking Class Action Status Against Retail Supplier
The Portland (ME) Press Herald provides an update on a suit, seeking class action status, filed against Electricity Maine, with the plaintiffs' lawyer...
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Maine Public Advocate Seeks NY-Style Review of Retail Market, Citing Higher Costs
In a special to the Bangor Daily News, Maine's Public Advocate Tim Schneider called for a review of the state's retail electric market. "An important...
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Bill Would Apply Rate Cap To Retail Supplier Pricing
A bill (HP 192) has been introduced into the Maine legislature that would cap residential prices of retail electric providers at the default service r...
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Legislators Question Maine PowerOptions Staff
Staff of the Maine PowerOptions program appeared before legislators Thursday to answer concerns raised about the program, according to a report from t...
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Maine State Electricity Procurement Program Criticized Over Transparency Concerns
The Portland (ME) Press Herald published a two-part report (part 1) (part 2) from Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting which raises concerns wit...
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Claim: Retail Supplier Adds Arbitration Clause To Contract, After Class Action Suit Filed
Lawyers representing plaintiffs in a class action suit against Electricity Maine claim that Electricity Maine has newly added a clause to its Maine co...
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Report: Despite Higher Prices, Retail Suppliers Retain Maine Customers
The Bangor Daily News reports that, despite what the Bangor Daily News reported as retail supplier prices in excess of Standard Offer rates (using EIA...
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Maine Court Rejects Deal Allowing Utility Parent To Invest In Generation, Broader Questions Remain
A Maine court has struck PUC approval of Emera's increased stake in Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp., due to the relationship it would entrench...
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Report: Mainers on Competitive Electric Supply Spent $32 Million More Than Default Service In 2015
The Bangor Daily News has updated with 2015 data its recent review of competitive supplier electric rates versus the Standard Offer and reported that,...
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Maine Issues RFPs For 1-Year SOS Supplies
The Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) has issued a Request for Proposals for retail electricity standard offer service for all customer classes...
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BDN Looks At Other State’s Efforts To "Crackdown" On Retail Suppliers
In tandem with its recent report on Maine retail supplier prices versus default service, the Bangor Daily News also published a look at other states' ...
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