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TIEC: Retail Choice At Entergy Texas Would Be Hindered By MISO Forward Capacity Market
If the Midcontinent ISO ever adopted a centralized, forward capacity market for retail choice areas, "it would likely be necessary for the ETI [Enterg...
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Texas PUC Staff File Report On Benefits/Costs Of Entergy Texas MISO Membership
Texas PUC Staff posted, and (after such direction is confirmed by the Commission) will likely seek comment on, a study by a consultant retained by Sta...
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Illinois Default Service Capacity Procurement Selects Demand Response Provider As Winning Bidder
Voltus, Inc., a demand response provider, announced that it was among the two winning bidders for the recent Illinois Power Agency Midcontinent Indepe...
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Entergy Texas Says Move To MISO Saved $52 Million Over Three Years
Entergy Texas said that its membership in MISO resulted in customer savings of approximately $52 million in the last three years The estimated $52 ...
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FERC: MISO Capacity Market Tariff Provisions Regarding Constraints No Longer Just and Reasonable
In addressing a complaint from transmission customers, FERC found that current provisions in the Midcontinent ISO tariff associated with calculating S...
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Michigan, MISO Agree To Implement State Capacity Charge Applicable To Retail Suppliers
The State of Michigan and the Midcontinent ISO have announced that they have reached an agreement on resource adequacy issues that includes the use of...
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Michigan Gov. Snyder Requests MISO Study Benefits of Connections Between State’s Peninsulas, Canada
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder asked the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), the regional transmission operator for most of the state, to ...
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Exelon Says Won’t Invest In New, Non-Contracted Generation (Won’t Invest on Capacity Market Alone)
Self-proclaimed leader in competitive generation Exelon said during an analyst day yesterday that Exelon will no longer invest in building new assets ...
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MISO Retail Carve-Out Capacity Auction Delayed To 2018-19
The Midcontinent ISO said at a board meeting yesterday that it intends to file at FERC to implement a three-year forward capacity auction limited to r...
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FERC ALJ Recommends SSR Reliability Payments Be Reduced By 1/3 for Mich. Upper Peninsula Customers
An administrative law judge presiding over a case at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that is examining System Support Resource (SSR) c...
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FERC: RTO Apparently Compensating Generators For Service Not Provided; Refers Matter To Enforcement
FERC issued an order directing the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (MISO) to either: (1) revise its Open Access Transmission, Energy an...
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Dynegy Says Hennepin Power Station "Transitions" to PJM
Dynegy Inc. said that it has executed agreements with, "the PJM System Operator (PJM) and the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO)," [sic] to mo...
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Dynegy CEO’s Comments Serve To Highlight Barriers Facing Independent Retailers From Capacity Markets
During an earnings call yesterday, Dynegy CEO Bob Flexon said that retail suppliers which do not own locally sited generation are hesitant to enter th...
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Dynegy To Shut Down ~2 GW in MISO, Says IL Must Preserve Jobs By Keeping Plants (Ohio Arguments?)
Dynegy Inc. announced plans to shut down multiple Illinois coal-fueled units. Units one and three at the Baldwin Power Station in Baldwin, and unit...
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Exelon, Dynegy Report Results From MISO Capacity Auction
Dynegy and Exelon reported certain results from the MISO capacity auction Dynegy reported that in addition to megawatts (MW) that were bid to meet ex...
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