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Retail Supplier Closes $10 Million Credit, Supply Facility
V3 Commodities Group Holdings, LLC announced that it has closed a $10mm wholesale supply and credit support facility with Great American Power, LLC...
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FERC Closes Investigation Of Alleged Capacity Market Manipulation Citing Insufficient Evidence
In an annual report of enforcement activities, FERC Staff reported that, among the closed investigations in FY2017, was the investigation into bidding...
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Retail Energy Holding Co. Expects To Record Goodwill Impairment
Premier Holding Corp., the parent of retail supplier American Illuminating Company and broker The Power Company, said in a filing with the SEC that it...
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PECO Files New Bypassable Transmission Rates
PECO has filed with the Pennsylvania PUC new bypassable transmission rates for the period beginning December 1, 2017 The new transmission rates will ...
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CBS Boston: How To Protect Yourself From Unwanted Electric Bill Changes (From Retail Suppliers)
WBZ-CBS Boston ran a story cautioning customers to check their electricity bill to determine if the customer has been switched to a retail supplier wi...
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OCC: More Than Half Of Residential Shopping Customers Paid More Than Default Service In August 2017
The Connecticut OCC published an update to its comparison of electric supplier rates and Standard Service OCC said: • In the month of Augus...
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Think Energy To Offer Residential Customers Advanced Machine Learning Insights Via Smart Thermostats
Grid4C said today it has been selected by ENGIE to enhance the smart thermostat offering provided by ENGIE's Think Energy brand to residential custome...
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TIEC: Retail Choice At Entergy Texas Would Be Hindered By MISO Forward Capacity Market
If the Midcontinent ISO ever adopted a centralized, forward capacity market for retail choice areas, "it would likely be necessary for the ETI [Enterg...
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Texas PUC Exec Director Issues $25,000 NOV Alleging City DSP Failed To Register As TO
The Executive Director of the Public Utility Commission of Texas has issued a Notice of Violation to the City of Bartlett, Texas, as the PUCT's Ov...
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EQT Completes Acquisition Of Parent Of Retail Supplier
EQT Corporation today announced that it has completed its previously reported acquisition of Rice Energy Inc. Rice Energy Inc. is the parent of retai...
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Ohio Adopts Order Addressing Net Metering Compensation To Customers Of Retail Suppliers
PUCO adopted an order addressing net metering compensation for customers of competitive retail electric service (CRES) suppliers PUCO held that CRES ...
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Two More Cities Sign With Los Angeles County Municipal Aggregation
The cities of Sierra Madre and Alhambra, California, have signed onto the Los Angeles County opt-out municipal aggregation electricity program (commun...
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Dynamic Energy Networks Forms Strategic Alliance With Schneider Electric and The Carlyle Group
The following is a news release from Dynamic Energy Networks. disclaims any responsibility for the content or data contained in th...
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Claim: Academic Says A California Experiment Could Shape Texas Electricity Rates
In a piece published in the Texas Monthly, Scott Vitter, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses California's mandatory move ...
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TXU Energy Enables Customers to Adjust Smart Thermostat or Pay Bill With Two New Amazon Alexa Skills
TXU Energy announced two new ways customers can personalize their Amazon Alexa experience. The company has launched two separate Alexa skills – one ...
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