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Just Energy Offering Free Energy Audits to Small Commercial, Residential Customers
Just Energy has begun offering free online energy audits to small commercial and residential customers. The MyEnergyXpert product now offered by Ju...
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Retail Supplier Launches Energy Efficiency Program
U.S. Gas & Electric, Inc. announced the launch of a new energy efficiency program, offering various energy-efficiency technologies and information und...
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CPS Energy Using Psychology to Motivate Customers To Cut Power Use
CPS Energy is using "behavioral science" techniques, data, and other drivers to get customers to reduce usage on peak days under a pilot, the San Ant...
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Parent of Retail Supplier Makes Play For On-Demand Home Services Market
Centrica plc has announced that its new on-demand service, Local Heroes, is now open for business across the UK, which the company said provides, "a ...
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Former Retail Supplier Exec Leading Self-Described "Uber" Of Energy
The Allentown Morning Call ran a profile on SaLisa Berrien, founder and CEO of COI Energy Services, which describes itself as the Uber of energy. I...
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Chron: Silicon Valley Targets Electric Industry For Disruption
The Houston Chronicle takes a look at various tech companies seeking to "disrupt" the power industry See the Houston Chronicle for the story...
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NY ESCO Launches, Selling Retail Power Via Wholesale Club/Membership Fee Model
Drift Marketplace, Inc., whose creation and intention to launch a unique retail energy sales model was exclusively first reported by EnergyChoiceMatte...
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Sunnova Launches Residential Solar Plus Storage Plan
Sunnova Energy Corporation announced the launch of a new solar plus storage plan called PowerStack aimed at residential customers Sunnova said that ...
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PSEG CEO Presses NJ Regulators To Allow Utilities To Be "Sales Channel" For New Products/Services
In public remarks outlining the company's vision for the future of New Jersey's energy industry, Ralph Izzo, president, chairman and chief executive ...
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Reliant Unveils Latest Smart Home In Houston
The Houston Chronicle and Houston Business Journal both report on Reliant's latest smart home, which includes testing of various connected home apps a...
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Texas REP Announces New Plan Combining Solar, Grid Power, Touts Savings of 15%-30%
Texas retail provider Circular Energy announced a new rate plan for commercial customers, The Circular Wrap, which the company said, "pairs the u...
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Texas Retail Provider CEO: Deregulation Hasn’t Fulfilled Its Potential
In a piece published by The Texas Tribune's TribTalk, Gregory Craig, CEO of start-up Texas retail provider Griddy, writes that, "deregulation hasn’t f...
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FT: Google’s DeepMind In Talks With National Grid UK To Use AI To Balance Electric Supply
Google’s DeepMind is in talks with National Grid in the U.K. to use artificial intelligence to balance the electric grid, the Financial Times reported...
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Ohio PUC Announces Grid Modernization Review To Enhance Customer Experience
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio announced the launch of PowerForward: a PUCO review of the latest in technological and regulatory innovation t...
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Great Eastern Energy Announces Launch of Ener-G Tracker Energy Management Tool
Great Eastern Energy announced the launch of Ener-G Tracker, a web-based energy management tool for customers. Great Eastern Energy said that Ener-G ...
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