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ICC Approves ComEd-Owned Microgrid
The Illinois Commerce Commission on Wednesday approved Commonwealth Edison Company’s (ComEd, or Company) request to construct a full-sized, util...
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Utility ComEd Offering EV Rideshare Service
ComEd is partnering with Innova EV and the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership to test a unique electric vehicle (EV) transportation service...
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Update: Retail Supplier Formally Ceases Use Of Name Shared With Utility Brand, Adopts New Name
Various retail suppliers ultimately owned by Southern Company and affiliated with SouthStar Energy Services LLC have ceased the use of the Nicor name ...
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ICC Publishes Final Order On New Retail Supplier Marketing Rules
The Illinois Commerce Commission has posted a final order containing the adopted new retail electric marketing and sales rules See the order here ...
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Regulator To Revisit Decision Denying Retail Supplier's License Change Due To Complaint Record
The Illinois Commerce Commission granted a request to re-hear (granted rehearing to reconsider the matter) an August order which had denied the applic...
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Illinois Launching NextGrid Utility Of The Future Study, Electricity Markets, Customer Issues On Tap
The Illinois Commerce Commission will launch its NextGrid utility of the future study on Sept. 28 NextGrid is an approximately 18-month consumer-foc...
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Illinois Default Service Capacity Procurement Selects Demand Response Provider As Winning Bidder
Voltus, Inc., a demand response provider, announced that it was among the two winning bidders for the recent Illinois Power Agency Midcontinent Indepe...
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Illinois Retail Merchants Association Launching Own Broker
The Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) has received a license from the Illinois Commerce Commission to act as an electric agent, broker, and...
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State Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Retail Supplier
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed a lawsuit against, an alternative retail electric supplier The AG's office alleged in a news release...
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School District Weighs Changing Broker; Pitched That District Would Not Have To Pay "Broker Fee"
District 80 Schools, in the City of Mount Vernon, Illinois, is considering changing the broker used to procure electricity supply, as well as its supp...
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Chicago CBS 2: Beware Of Alternative Electricity Supply Pitches
CBS 2 Chicago ran a report warning customers about sales pitches for alternative retail suppliers See the report here...
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Federal Court Rejects Challenges To Illinois Nuclear Subsidies
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed two lawsuits challenging Illinois nuclear subsidy (ZEC) program, finding t...
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Multi-Village Muni Aggregation Returning Customers To SOS, Village Warns Customers of Retail Offers
The Northern Illinois Governmental Electric Aggregation is returning municipal aggregation customers to ComEd default service, including customers in ...
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Official: Municipal Aggregation Will "Gamble" With Customers’ Rate
The President of a Village with an opt-out municipal electric aggregation has conceded that the aggregation amounts to a, "gamble", with the...
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Regulator To Hold Workshop On Diversity Requirements (Retail Suppliers Newly Implicated In Mandates)
The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) will hold on June 13 an annual policy session focusing on supplier diversity. Under state law, in addition ...
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