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FL Bill Would Include In Energy Task Force's Duties "Increasing Competition And Consumer Choice"
SB 1038 has been filed in the Florida Senate which would create an Energy 2040 Task Force that would, among other things, be charged with determining ...
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Commission Rejects Placing Florida Electric Choice Initiative On Ballot
A committee of Florida's Constitution Revision Commission has voted to reject placing Proposal 51, which would have required the introduction of e...
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Florida Power & Light CEO: Customers Have Been "Victimized" By Electric Deregulation
In an op-ed opposing Proposal 51, a ballot question which would introduce electric choice to Florida, Eric Silagy, president and CEO of Florida Power ...
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Would Deregulating The Electric Industry Save Floridians Money?
Florida political journal The Capitolist takes a look at Proposal 51, filed by Florida Energy Freedom, which would amend the state's constitution to m...
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Infinite Energy Customer Count Reported In Story On Florida Energy Choice Proposal
In a story on a proposed constitutional amendment to allow retail electric choice in Florida (as first reported by, The Gaine...
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Columnist: Texas "Winning" Versus Florida With Electric Choice
Following an extensive feature in the Pensacola News Journal comparing Texas' competitive retail electric market versus Florida's vertically integrat...
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Utility With Choice Programs Exploring Strategic Alternatives, Sale
TECO Energy, the parent of Peoples Gas System in Florida and New Mexico Gas Company, both of which have customer choice programs, announced that it is...
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Florida Ballot Petition Would Allow Solar Generators to Directly Sell To Other Customers
The Tampa Bay Times reports that solar power advocates are working to place an initiative on the 2016 Florida ballot that would allow solar power prod...
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When Will Florida Open Electric Choice? Here’s What A PSC Commissioner Says
When is retail electric choice coming to Florida, which currently has various forms of natural gas unbundling and choice? The short answer is "...
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