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PUC Denies FirstEnergy Solutions Request To Maintain Lower Level Of Security, Citing Bankruptcy
The Pennsylvania PUC, via Secretarial letter, has denied a request from FirstEnergy Solutions to renew its Electric Generation Supplier financial sec...
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Trump "Looking" At FirstEnergy Solutions DOE Request For Compensation
Bloomberg reports that President Donald Trump said in public remarks that the administration is "looking" at a request from FirstEnergy Solutions for ...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Seeks Emergency DOE Order For Additional Compensation To Coal, Nuclear Plants
FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. (FES) called on US Energy Secretary Rick Perry to issue an emergency order directing PJM Interconnection (PJM) to immediat...
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FirstEnergy Solutions Files Deactivation Notice for Three Nuclear Plants
FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) has notified PJM Interconnection (PJM) that two nuclear power plants in Ohio and another in Pennsylvania owned by its subs...
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OVEC Seeks To Prevent FirstEnergy Solutions From Terminating Contract Via Bankruptcy
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation filed a complaint at FERC against FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. seeking to prevent FES from rejecting a current power c...
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FirstEnergy Solutions To Sell Power Plant To ArcLight
Walleye Energy, LLC (Buyer) and FirstEnergy Generation, LLC (Seller, and a unit of FirstEnergy Solutions) sought FERC approval for the sale of an exis...
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Residential FirstEnergy PA PTCs Falling, Small Business PTCs Increasing
New Prices to Compare at the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania EDCs will take effect on March 1. previously reported on new PTCDefault...
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FirstEnergy Creates Restructuring Working Group To Minimize Timing To Exit Competitive Generation
FirstEnergy Corp today announced a $2.5 billion investment in the company that includes $1.62 billion in mandatory convertible preferred equity and $8...
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FERC Denies Sought Transfer of FirstEnergy Competitive Generation To West Virginia Utility
FERC has denied without prejudice a proposed transaction under which Allegheny Energy Supply Company was to transfer the Pleasants Power Station to M...
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PG Reporter: Pa. Utilities Propose "Penalty" To Be Charged To Non-shopping Customers
Cue Inigo Montoya. A reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has published a story stating that the FirstEnergy Pennsylvania utilities are proposi...
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OCC: FES "Required" To Notify PUCO Of "Intent" To File For Reorganization
In comments seeking to rebut FirstEnergy Solutions' objection (see story here) to the Ohio Consumer Counsel's petition for FES to make its cus...
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FirstEnergy Launching Online Marketplace For Products/Services, Some Can Be Paid For On EDC Bill
FirstEnergy Corp. said that it will launch a new e-commerce website on Monday, October 9, called Smartmart by FirstEnergy, "offering a range of prove...
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FirstEnergy Enters Revised Sale Agreement For Allegheny Merchant Power Plants
FirstEnergy Corp. today announced that it has entered into a revised agreement for the sale of 1,615 megawatts (MW) of competitive natural gas and hyd...
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FirstEnergy Reports Results From PJM Capacity Auction, Calls Prices "Unsustainable" For Coal, Nukes
FirstEnergy reported its results from the recent PJM capacity auction. FirstEnergy called capacity prices from the auction, along with current ener...
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New Suit Filed Against FirstEnergy Solutions Over Polar Vortex Surcharge
A new suit, seeking class action status, has been filed against FirstEnergy Solutions over what became known as its polar vortex surcharge (pass-thro...
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