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FERC Orders $230 Million In Penalties Against GreenHat, Related Parties '
FERC issued an order finding that, "GreenHat Energy, LLC (GreenHat), John Bartholomew, Kevin Ziegenhorn, and Andrew Kittell," engaged in a manipulativ...
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FERC Issues Show Cause Order To GreenHat With Proposed $229 Million Fine For Alleged 'Manipulation'
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said in a May 20 news release that it ordered GreenHat Energy LLC and its owners to, "explain why they...
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FERC Rules That Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM System Does Not Create A Separate Contract
FERC Rules That Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM System Does Not Create A Separate Contract (Shell Petition) Ruling on a petition from Sh...
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Danly Named FERC Chairman
President Donald Trump named James Danly as Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Danly has served as a Commissioner since ...
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FERC States Intent To Revoke MBR Authority Of Several Retail Suppliers
FERC issued an order stating an intent to revoke the electric market-based rate authority of several power marketers, including several retail supplie...
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FERC Accepts Tariffs For ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program; Costs Assigned To Retail Suppliers/Load
FERC accepted a tariff filing to implement ISO New England's proposed Inventoried Energy Program, effective May 28, 2019 The program had previously b...
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Shell Seeks FERC Relief From Claim Entering Bilateral FTR Data Into PJM Creates Separate Contract
In a petition for a declaratory order concerning Financial Transmission Rights in PJM related to the GreenHat Energy default, Shell Energy North A...
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FERC Rules On Interpretation Of Affiliate Definition In Goldman Sachs MBR Case
In granting electric market based-rate authority to Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Marketing LLC (Seller), FERC made findings with respect to the defin...
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Group Wants FERC To Set Compensation For Excess Generation From Behind-The-Meter Generation
The New England Ratepayers Association filed a Petition for Declaratory Order at FERC requesting that the Commission (i) declare that there is exclu...
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Trader Files FERC Complaint Against PJM FTR Forfeiture Rule
XO Energy LLC filed at FERC a complaint against PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. alleging that the Financial Transmission Right (“FTR”) forfeiture rule (th...
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FERC Affirms That Bids From ISO-NE Out-Of-Market Reliability Program Were Just And Reasonable
FERC issued an order on remand accepting an ISO New England compliance filing concerning the 2013-2014 Winter Reliability Program, and found that t...
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FERC Opens Review Of Energy Harbor (Formerly FirstEnergy Solutions) Rejection Of Wholesale Contracts
FERC has opened section 206 paper hearing proceeding to review Energy Harbor LLC’s (formerly FirstEnergy Solutions) sought rejection in bankruptcy c...
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PJM To Seek FERC Approval For More Restrictive Credit Rules, After Member Approval
PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC) and Members Committee have endorsed revisions to credit and market rules, which generally tighten th...
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FERC Revokes Market-Based Rate Authority Of Several Defunct Retail Suppliers
FERC revoked the electric market-based rate authority of several sellers for alleged failure to file Electric Quarterly Reports, including several re...
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Power Marketer Directed To Disclose Ownership Info To Public Citizen
FERC has directed Bolt Energy Marketing, LLC, a new wholesale power marketer affiliated with LS Power, to provide Public Citizen with the privileged p...
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