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It Lives: AEP Files Complaint Against MISO Over SECA Charges Levied On Defunct Companies
American Electric Power Service Corporation, on behalf of its operating company affiliates that are transmission owners ("TOs") in the PJM I...
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FERC Staff Issue Questions For Comment On DOE Resiliency Non-Market Compensation (Coal, Nukes)
FERC Staff issued for stakeholder comment a series of questions regarding DOE's proposal to provide non-market compensation to certain generating unit...
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Prof. Calls For FERC To Subject Tech Companies, Non-Utilities With MBR To Greater Regulation
Writing at, Gina S. Warren, a law professor, urges that as tech companies expand to electricity sales (noting Google and Apple's MBR au...
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DOE Staff Report On Electricity Markets Calls For More Products, Higher Prices
The Department of Energy released its Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability. Among its recommendations, which would se...
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Senate Confirms Two FERC Nominees
The U.S. Senate confirmed Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson to FERC, giving the Commission a quorum See background on the new Commissioners here...
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Federal Court Rejects Challenges To Illinois Nuclear Subsidies
The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed two lawsuits challenging Illinois nuclear subsidy (ZEC) program, finding t...
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Fmr FERC Commish Clark Posts White Paper on Challenges To RTOs From "Around Market" Resource Choices
Tony Clark, former FERC Commissioner and now a senior advisor at Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP, authored a white paper on issues confronting restructure...
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FERC Posts Staff Notice Of Alleged Violations Against Pipelines
FERC posted a Staff Notice Of Alleged Violations which disclosed a nonpublic investigation of Rover Pipeline, LLC and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. ...
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Court Vacates FERC Order Expanding Methods For New Generation To Avoid Price Floor in PJM BRA
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit vacated an order from FERC which expanded the avenues for generators in PJM to bid below the price floo...
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Direct Energy Business: What To Know About The New Balancing Congestion Charge In PJM
Direct Energy Business published a blog post about balancing congestion charges which are newly being assigned to load serving entities in PJM, due to...
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FERC To Hold Technical Conference on Liquidity In Natural Gas Markets, Price Formation/Trading
FERC has schedule for June 29 a technical conference on natural gas liquidity and various trading and price formation issues The purpose of the techn...
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Pa. PUC Vice Chair Concerned w/ Increased Reliance on "Theoretical" Prices, Assumptions In RPM
In an April 25 written statement in advance of a FERC technical conference on the intersection of state and federal policies with respect to organized...
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FERC Issues Updated Agenda With Panelists for Tech Conference on State Actions Impacting RTO Markets
FERC has issued an updated agenda with panels and speakers for its technical conference on various state actions (subsidies, etc.) affecting wholesale...
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FERC Staff Issues 2016 State of the Markets Report
FERC Staff have posted the 2016 State of the Markets report See the report here...
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PJM Opposes FERC Change To Assign Uplift To Deviating Entities, Calls Proposal Complex, Arbitrary
PJM has filed comments opposing FERC's proposal to require that each regional transmission organization (RTO) and independent system operator (ISO) th...
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