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Connecticut Issues Proposed Order On Retail Supplier RPS Compliance
The Connecticut PURA issued a proposed final decision on electric suppliers’ and electric distribution companies’ compliance with the Connecticut rene...
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OCC: Competitive Supply Customers Paid $3.5 Million More Than Default Service In June
The Connecticut OCC issued an updated comparison of residential electric rates from retail suppliers and Standard Service According to the OCC, in th...
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OCC: 60% Of Residential Customers on Competitive Supply Paid More Than Default Service
The Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel released an updated comparison of retail supply versus Standard Service rates "In the month of May 2017, ...
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UI Officially Announces 20% Drop in Default Service Rate On July 1
United Illuminating officially announced a decrease in the Standard Service rate effective July 1 UI’s Standard Service generation rate for residenti...
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Regulator Issues Findings Related To Retail Suppliers’ RPS Compliance (Opportunity To Challenge)
The Connecticut PURA issued a notice of preliminary findings and determinations related to retail suppliers' RPS compliance for the year 2015 Retail ...
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Dominion Millstone Subsidy Bill Fails To Pass In Regular CT Legislative Session
A bill which would have provided support, through mandated EDC procurement, to Dominion's Millstone nuclear reactor failed to pass the Connecticut ho...
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Here’s How Many Customers View The Connecticut PURA Retail Electric Rate Board
The Connecticut PURA electric rate board was viewed 650,000 times during 2016, PURA said, citing website analytics, in a draft 2016 report on the...
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CT Nuke Bills Could Impose Carbon Price On Retail Suppliers, Allow Nuke Contracts To Serve SS
Legislation has been formally filed in Connecticut to provide subsidies to Dominion's Millstone nuclear plant S.B. No. 106 would include nuclear powe...
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Generators Oppose Sought Assistance For Dominion Nuke in CT (Could Include Utility Supply Contracts)
The Electric Power Supply Association along with Calpine, Dynegy, and NRG Energy are opposing efforts by Dominion to receive legislative assistance fo...
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Connecticut PURA Newly Requiring Out-Of-State Attorneys To Follow Pro Hac Vice Procedures
Effective January 1, 2017, out-of-state attorneys must follow pro hac vice procedures in order to appear before Connecticut administrative proceedings...
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PURA Won't Open Investigation of Supplier, Theft Suspects Were Not Selling On Supplier's Behalf
The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority declined a request from the Office of Consumer Counsel to open an investigation of Starion Energ...
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AARP Survey: 61% Oppose Door-to-Door Energy Marketing
Nearly two-thirds (61%) of respondents to a survey of Connecticut residents by AARP say that electricity suppliers should not be able to sell the...
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Draft Decision Would Change How Retail Suppliers Must Treat, Account for Net Metering Customers
The Connecticut PURA has issued a draft interim decision that would change how retail suppliers are required to treat and account for net metering cus...
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Company Behind Texas Electricity Ratings Expands Retail Supplier Scoring To Connecticut
Electricity Ratings, LLC has launched, an online electricity shopping website (broker) which includes as an element a ranking of v...
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Malloy Nominates Deputy DEEP Commissioner To PURA Post
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced the nomination of Katie Dykes to serve as a Commissioner of the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory A...
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