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DMN: Job Cuts At Ambit Energy's Plano Call Center
The Dallas Morning News reports that Ambit Energy is to cull over 90 positions from its call center in Plano, effective in November, citing a filing w...
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Retail Suppliers Ranked As Top Direct Sellers (Revenue Disclosed)
Several retail energy suppliers were ranked in the 2018 Direct Selling News Global 100 List, with 2017 revenue data reported in the rankings. Retail ...
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Retail Supplier Forms 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Ambit Energy officially announced the launch of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Ambit Cares, and said that Ambit Cares has b...
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Texas REPs Named Among Top Places To Work
Several Texas retail electric providers were listed in The Dallas Morning News' Top 100 Places to Work TXU was ranked No. 9 among large companies (50...
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Texas Retail Provider Paying $1/kWh for Critical Peak Curtailments
Ambit Energy, one of the largest retail providers in Texas, will again pay customers $1 per kilowatt-hour of reduced load under its Power Payback crit...
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Towns With Ambit Energy Service Report No Problems
Several New York towns with Ambit Energy service have not encountered any problems similar to those which prompted an investigation into the company b...
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Report: Ambit Providing Rebates After PSC Investigation
The Troy, NY Record has reported that, "[a]s a result of a PSC investigation, Ambit [Energy] has agreed to provide rebates to customers who were charg...
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Ambit Energy CEO Receives Industry Award
Jere Thompson Jr., co-founder and CEO of Ambit Energy, has been awarded the Bravo Leadership Award by Direct Selling News "Thompson Jr.’s award recog...
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Retail Suppliers Ranked in Direct Selling News List of Top Network Marketers
Several retail suppliers and energy marketers have been ranked in Direct Selling News' Global 100 list of the top revenue-generating direct selling co...
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Sunrun Formally Announces Partnership With Ambit Energy
The following is a news release from Sunrun concerning its partnership with Ambit Energy. The release does not include any further details than what E...
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Ambit Energy Launches Energy Management Tools
Ambit Energy is launching two new energy management tools for Texas residential customers a smart meter allowing customers to view their energy usage,...
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Ambit Energy Statement on Pricing Lawsuit
Ambit Energy released the following statement concerning a lawsuit recently filed against the company in New York, which alleges that, contrary to the...
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