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FERC Says States Cannot Bar Energy Efficiency Wholesale Participation Absent FERC OK
FERC, in a ruling on the participation of Kentucky energy efficiency resources in PJM, asserted that it has jurisdiction over the participation of ene...
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House Committee Hears Debating Testimony On Virtual Transactions, Financial Instruments In RTOs
The U.S. House of Representatives Energy Subcommittee yesterday heard testimony from various stakeholders debating the value of virtual trading, FTRs,...
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FERC Grants Limited Rehearing/Clarification Of Order Raising Offer Caps
FERC issued an order which granted rehearing or clarification on certain discrete issues regarding its order (Order No. 831) setting a hard cap of $2,...
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Retailer (DOE Coal NOPR): Customers Won’t Bother Shopping If 80% Of Bill A Pass-Through Charge
In comments opposing a DOE-authored NOPR under consideration at FERC which would provide cost of service regulation to certain coal and nuclear plants...
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PJM Files To Allocate Uplift To Virtual Transactions
PJM filed tariff revisions at FERC to, "more equitably allocate day-ahead Operating Reserves and balancing Operating Reserves (commonly referred to as...
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It Lives: AEP Files Complaint Against MISO Over SECA Charges Levied On Defunct Companies
American Electric Power Service Corporation, on behalf of its operating company affiliates that are transmission owners ("TOs") in the PJM I...
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FERC Staff Issue Questions For Comment On DOE Resiliency Non-Market Compensation (Coal, Nukes)
FERC Staff issued for stakeholder comment a series of questions regarding DOE's proposal to provide non-market compensation to certain generating unit...
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ERCOT Files Report Whether Local A/S Needed For Reliability, Cost of Marginal Loss Implementation
ERCOT has filed its second report to address the two outstanding requests from a PUCT Staff memorandum concerning price formation issues • Comment o...
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ERCOT IMM Agrees Energy-Only Market "Not Broken"
In comments on the FTI report on ERCOT pricing efficiency, the ERCOT Independent Market Monitor said, "The IMM agrees with those that assert that the ...
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Prof. Calls For FERC To Subject Tech Companies, Non-Utilities With MBR To Greater Regulation
Writing at, Gina S. Warren, a law professor, urges that as tech companies expand to electricity sales (noting Google and Apple's MBR au...
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Bill Seeking To Expand California ISO To Other States Withdrawn
Due to backlash from various stakeholders, the sponsor of amendments that would allow the California ISO to expand to other states has withdrawn such ...
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Plan To Expand CAISO RTO Out Of State Revived As Calif. Legislative Session Nears End
Legislative efforts in California to expand the California ISO to other states and create a regional RTO have been renewed as the legislative session ...
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DOE Staff Report On Electricity Markets Calls For More Products, Higher Prices
The Department of Energy released its Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability. Among its recommendations, which would se...
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Bloomberg: Why Energy Traders Got the Eclipse So Wrong
Bloomberg published a story looking at how human behavior that wasn't anticipated by traders (or their AI and algorithms) during the solar eclipse led...
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Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging New York Nuclear ZEC Program
The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Zero Emissions Credit (ZEC) program contained in New...
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