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FERC Orders $230 Million In Penalties Against GreenHat, Related Parties '
FERC issued an order finding that, "GreenHat Energy, LLC (GreenHat), John Bartholomew, Kevin Ziegenhorn, and Andrew Kittell," engaged in a manipulativ...
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UK Retail Supplier With US Affiliate In Talks To Secure 'New Funding'; Wholesale Prices Challenge
The Financial Times (U.K.) reported that Bulb is seeking new funding, "to secure its future ... as record wholesale energy prices create turmoil in th...
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FERC Issues Show Cause Order To GreenHat With Proposed $229 Million Fine For Alleged 'Manipulation'
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said in a May 20 news release that it ordered GreenHat Energy LLC and its owners to, "explain why they...
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Southeast Utilities Propose Centralized Intra-Hour Wholesale Electricity Exchange Market
The following is a news release from the Southeast Energy Exchange Market (SEEM) concerning the proposal from several utilities for a 15-minute energy...
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FERC Accepts Tariffs For ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program; Costs Assigned To Retail Suppliers/Load
FERC accepted a tariff filing to implement ISO New England's proposed Inventoried Energy Program, effective May 28, 2019 The program had previously b...
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Trader Appeals ERCOT ADR Determination To Texas PUC
Pursuant to P.U.C. Proc. R. 22.251, DC Energy Texas, LLC ("DC Energy") filed at the Texas PUC a complaint and appeal ("Complaint")...
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PJM Rebilling LSEs (Retail Suppliers) To Reflect Reduced CTR Credit Rate
PJM issued a market notice regarding, "Important Information for LSEs of the ComEd Zone Regarding RPM Rebilling of the 2019/2020 Delivery Year and RPM...
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Group Wants FERC To Set Compensation For Excess Generation From Behind-The-Meter Generation
The New England Ratepayers Association filed a Petition for Declaratory Order at FERC requesting that the Commission (i) declare that there is exclu...
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Trader Files FERC Complaint Against PJM FTR Forfeiture Rule
XO Energy LLC filed at FERC a complaint against PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. alleging that the Financial Transmission Right (“FTR”) forfeiture rule (th...
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FERC Opens Review Of Energy Harbor (Formerly FirstEnergy Solutions) Rejection Of Wholesale Contracts
FERC has opened section 206 paper hearing proceeding to review Energy Harbor LLC’s (formerly FirstEnergy Solutions) sought rejection in bankruptcy c...
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PJM To Seek FERC Approval For More Restrictive Credit Rules, After Member Approval
PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC) and Members Committee have endorsed revisions to credit and market rules, which generally tighten th...
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PJM Market Monitor Notes Reduction In Uplift Charges In State Of Market Report
Monitoring Analytics, LLC, the Independent Market Monitor for PJM, released the 2019 State of the Market Report for PJM Of note to retail suppliers...
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Trader: ERCOT Using "Clintonian" Interpretation In Rejecting Re-Pricing For May 2019 QSE Error
Aspire Commodities, LLC filed a Motion for Summary Judgment with the Texas PUC seeking a decision directing ERCOT to reprice the 14:50 May 30, 2019 SC...
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FERC Rejects, As Premature, ISO-NE Filing To Terminate Non-Market Fuel Security Program Early
FERC rejected without prejudice a filing by ISO New England Inc. to sunset the mechanism in the Forward Capacity Market rules that allows ISO-NE to ...
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Mississippi Court Dismisses Long-Winding Suit Against Entergy Over Use Of Owed Generation vs Market
A Mississippi state court has granted summary judgment and dismissed a suit brought by the state's attorney general against Entergy Mississippi which ...
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