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PJM Starts Process To Value Price, Fuel Security; Incorporate Into Market
PJM Interconnection announced that, "To address longer-term questions of fuel security, PJM will initiate a process, starting immediately, to ana...
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FERC Issues State Of The Markets Report
FERC Staff presented an annual state of the markets report. See below: Report Presentation...
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FERC Affirms Broad Jurisdiction Over Energy Efficiency Resources, Participation
FERC issued an order denying rehearing of a recent order in which FERC broadly asserted authority over energy efficiency resources (EER) and their par...
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ERCOT Denies ADR Sought By Luminant
ERCOT has denied Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) sought by Luminant concerning sought compensation for the minimum energy portion of the Guaran...
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PUCT To FERC: Scarcity Pricing Mechanisms Alleviate Need For "Resilience-Based Regulatory Controls"
In comments jointly filed by ERCOT and the Texas PUC in a FERC proceeding on grid "resilience" in RTOs, ERCOT and the Texas PUC described the variety ...
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FERC To Hold "Reliability" Technical Conference
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) will hold a Technical Conference on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. "The purpose of the conference is ...
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FERC Accepts Revised PJM Capacity Aggregation Rules
FERC approved a tariff filing by PJM to adopt revised resource aggregation rules which were described as enhancements to the aggregation offer mechani...
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FERC OKs Settlement On ISO-NE Peak Energy Rent Mechanism, Says Applicability To FCA 9 Beyond Scope
FERC has approved a settlement among various New England stakeholders which resolves all issues set for hearing in the Commission’s January 19, 2017 o...
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Public Citizen Files Complaint vs. PJM Over What It Terms "Contributions" To Party Governors Assoc.
Public Citizen, Inc. filed a complaint at FERC against PJM alleging that, "Public Citizen has identified at least $456,500 in campaign contributions m...
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FERC Rules Storage In RTOs Should Be Charged LMPs For Energy Charging For Resale
FERC issued a final order governing the participation of storage resources in organized markets. FERC's final rule requires each jurisdictional RTO t...
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PJM Market Monitor Issues Opinion On Energy Price Offers In Excess Of $1,000/MWh
PJM's Independent Market monitor issued a market message to inform PJM market participants that it is the opinion of the Independent Market Monitor fo...
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FERC to Investigate Pricing of Fast-Start Resources by Three RTOs
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said that it had opened investigations into the pricing of fast-start resources in three regional powe...
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FERC Says States Cannot Bar Energy Efficiency Wholesale Participation Absent FERC OK
FERC, in a ruling on the participation of Kentucky energy efficiency resources in PJM, asserted that it has jurisdiction over the participation of ene...
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House Committee Hears Debating Testimony On Virtual Transactions, Financial Instruments In RTOs
The U.S. House of Representatives Energy Subcommittee yesterday heard testimony from various stakeholders debating the value of virtual trading, FTRs,...
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FERC Grants Limited Rehearing/Clarification Of Order Raising Offer Caps
FERC issued an order which granted rehearing or clarification on certain discrete issues regarding its order (Order No. 831) setting a hard cap of $2,...
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