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Retail Supplier's $9.3 Million Settlement Over Variable Rate Suit Approved By Court
A federal court has granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement between Ambit Energy L.P, et al. and a plaintiff to resolve a suit broug...
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Lawyer Trawling For Participants In Class Action Suits Against Multiple Retail Suppliers
West Philly Local reports on a lawyer seeking participants for various class action suits against a dozen or so retail suppliers West Philly Local re...
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Court: Illinois Commerce Commission Lacks Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Retail Supplier Rate Disputes
The Illinois Supreme Court has issued an opinion finding that the Illinois Commerce Commission does not have exclusive jurisdiction over contractual r...
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Report: Customer on Disability Charged 15¢/kWh For Power From Retail Supplier
Pittsburgh's Action News 4 reports on a customer on disability who was charged in excess of 15.9¢/kWh in the month of February 2016 for elect...
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U.S. Senator Calls For FTC Probe of Electric Suppliers
Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is seeking a Federal Trade Commission investigation of retail electric suppliers due to, "[d]eceptive marketing, pri...
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Report: Customers of Competitive Suppliers Paid $23 Million More Versus Default Service This Year
Data provided to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), "demonstrates that 86 percent of Eversource customers and 77 percent of United Illu...
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Report: CUB Receives "Seven" Complaints in 2015 on Rollover Pricing
ABC-7 Chicago published a report concerning rate increases seen by a customer whose fixed contract with their electric supplier expired ABC-7 repor...
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Attorney General Seeks Sanctions Against Retail Supplier Over Discovery
The Pennsylvania Attorney General and Office of Consumer Advocate have petitioned the Pennsylvania PUC to impose sanctions on Blue Pilot Energy, LLC, ...
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Report: Class Action Suit Against Retail Supplier Stayed Until PUC Makes Ruling
The Pennsylvania Record reports that a class action suit against a retail supplier concerning rates has been stayed by a federal judge pending the out...
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Pa. Bill to Limit Variable Rate Hikes; Prohibit Retail Suppliers From Serving Low-Income Customers
As anticipated, Pennsylvania State Rep. Robert Godshall has introduced a bill which would limit variable rate increases by electric generation supplie...
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Norwich Bulletin Supports Ban on Variable Electric Rates
An editorial by the Norwich (CT) Bulletin has deemed banning variable electric rates, "necessary" See the editorial here...
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WPXI: Changes Coming To Prevent Electric Bill Spikes This Winter
WPXI-11, Pittsburgh, posted a story concerning actions to protect Pennsylvania customers from a repeat of last winter's variable rate hikes, such ...
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Bill Would Ban Variable Rates
A bill has been filed in the Connecticut General Assembly which would ban electric suppliers from offering variable rates. Proposed S.B. No. 573 woul...
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AARP’s Legislative Goals: Ban Variable Rates
AARP's legislative goals in Connecticut for 2015 include banning variable electric rates, the Hartford Business Journal reports. Connecticut has alre...
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Warning of Rate Shock, Harm to Retail Market, Pa. PUC Slams Proposal to Increase PJM Price Cap
The Pennsylvania PUC, often touted by "merchant" generators as being "enlightened" when its comes to competitive markets (for the ...
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