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Centrica's British Gas Launches Online-Only "Lite" Brand
Centrica has launched British Gas Lite – a new electricity service that supplies smart meters and is entirely online. "Centrica identified a need for...
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Shell Acquires Residential Retail Supplier, To Develop, "More Innovative Services"
The Shell Petroleum Company Limited (Shell) has signed an agreement to buy 100% of First Utility, an independent UK household energy and broadband pro...
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In UK, Centrica Says Contracts Without End Date Should Be Banned
Responding to government proposals for price caps, Centrica offered a number of proposals to improve the U.K. retail energy market and described vario...
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Report: U.K. PM To Present Draft Bill For Expanded Retail Energy Price Cap Next Week
The Financial Times reports that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said the government would present a draft bill for an electricity and natural gas ret...
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Retail Supplier To Pay Customers In Exchange For Authority To Manage Customer’s EV (Vehicle-to-Grid)
Nissan and U.K. retail supplier Ovo will launch a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) offering for private customers buying the new Nissan LEAF from January 2018, w...
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U.K. Prime Minister Proposes Retail Electric Supply Price Caps
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is including in a Conservative "manifesto" price caps on retail electricity supply rates Specifically, May is callin...
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FT: Google’s DeepMind In Talks With National Grid UK To Use AI To Balance Electric Supply
Google’s DeepMind is in talks with National Grid in the U.K. to use artificial intelligence to balance the electric grid, the Financial Times reported...
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Retail Supplier Offering "Chop-Cloc" (Devices Briefly Turns Off Heating Without Affecting Temp)
U.K. retail supplier Spark Energy has partnered with the Chopping Company to roll-out Chop-Cloc, a device which turns heating systems off for a propor...
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Direct Energy Parent Seeing Success with New Tariff From Supermarket-Branded Retail Energy Supplier
Those who do not follow the U.K. retail energy market closely may be surprised to learn that British Gas, the retail supplier owned by Centrica, also ...
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Switching Sites Hiding Best Energy Deals, Claims Rival
A U.K. energy price comparison site has accused five of its largest rivals of "hiding" the best energy deals, the BBC reports. The Big De...
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Report: Energy Bills Are Higher on Dual-Fuel Deals
Something to keep in mind as bundling services becomes more vogue in the U.S. market. A report from the U.K. says that, "Householders who use price-c...
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Your Newest Retail Energy Supplier: Oink Energy
Promising "dead-simple energy," Oink Energy has debuted as the U.K.'s newest retail energy supplier. "The Oink Energy team aims to bring a refreshing...
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Retail Supplier Using "Customer Board" For Feedback, To Help Put Customers First
British Gas, an energy supplier owned by Centrica in the U.K., has implemented a "customer board" to receive feedback, improve its service a...
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Regulator to Make Suppliers Inform Customers of Lowest Offer Across Brands, Including White Labels
The U.K. Telegraph reports that Ofgem will propose ending an exemption provided to "white label" retail energy suppliers that exempts these ...
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Retail Supplier Using "Crowdfunding" to Support Renewable Development
Good Energy, the U.K. retail energy supplier, recently said that it was seeking to attract £1 million to invest in renewable energy projects via crowd...
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