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Company Seeks Texas PUC Approval For 'HVDC' Converter Facilities Connecting ERCOT With WECC Grid
Grid United Texas LLC filed an application at the Texas PUC for a Partial Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Rights pursuant to Public Utility R...
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FERC Issues Show Cause Order To GreenHat With Proposed $229 Million Fine For Alleged 'Manipulation'
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) said in a May 20 news release that it ordered GreenHat Energy LLC and its owners to, "explain why they...
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Trader Files FERC Complaint Against PJM FTR Forfeiture Rule
XO Energy LLC filed at FERC a complaint against PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. alleging that the Financial Transmission Right (“FTR”) forfeiture rule (th...
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Chron: Businesses Get Big Break On Electricity Transmission Fees While Consumers Pay More
The Houston Chronicle published a story by L.M. Sixel entitled, "Businesses get big break on electricity transmission fees while consumers pay more."...
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Two Additional Customers Sign Letters of Interest To Use 1GW Utica-to-Brooklyn Transmission Line
Empire State Connector Corp. (ESC) announced it has secured two more Letters of Interest (LOIs) from "major customers" in New York City to procure r...
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In PPL Transmission Rate Complaint, Amtrak Asks FERC To Order Refunds From Retail Supplier
Amtrak has filed another transmission rate complaint against PPL Electric at FERC. In the complaint, Amtrak alleges, "PPL has not sought or receive...
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FERC Accepts FTR Tariff Revisions At PJM
FERC accepted tariff revisions from PJM that require defaulted FTR portfolios to go to settlement rather than being liquidated through auction. The ...
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NRG Asks Texas PUC To Address "Alarming Trend" Of Rising Transmission Costs
In comments to the Texas PUC in a rulemaking proceeding concerning substations, NRG Texas Power LLC and various other NRG companies said that increase...
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Texas PUC Staff Oppose NextEra Acquisition Of Rayburn Line
Staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas have filed testimony recommending that the PUC deny the application of NextEra Energy Transmission Sou...
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Texas Staff File Draft Proposal For Changes To Transmission Rate, Allocation Rules
Texas PUC Staff have filed a further draft proposal for publication for the repeal of the current §25.192 and the simultaneous replacement with propo...
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ERCOT Board Endorses Transmission Project in Freeport, Texas
The ERCOT Board of Directors has endorsed a transmission project to help address growing electricity needs in Freeport, Texas. "We continue to see g...
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ERCOT Files NPRR To Create Direct Current Tie Operator Market Participant Role
ERCOT has submitted NPRR857, Creation of Direct Current Tie Operator Market Participant Role, See the NPRR for details...
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ERCOT Board Approves Transmission Project in West Texas
The ERCOT Board of Directors has endorsed a transmission project that includes two new 345-kV lines to help address future reliability concerns in th...
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CenterPoint Proposing New/Enhanced Transmission Infrastructure To Serve Texas Gulf Coast Load Growth
CenterPoint Energy, Inc.'s electric utility submitted a proposal to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) requesting its endorsement for C...
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Now National Grid Proposing Transmission Line To Import Quebec Hydropower Into New England
National Grid has announced a proposal to develop a new transmission project that would bring up to 1,200 megawatts of energy from Canada to the New E...
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